Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grandparenting......Today's Treasured Moments

She is only a few weeks old, and already she has stolen my heart. I am filled with joy everytime I get to hold her. Today was one of those times.
The leaf blower was a whole new concept in his little life, but it took only a few minutes until he realized how much fun it could be.
She picked the flower from the flower bed and handed it to absolutely special!
He went with us to the Oktoberfest this evening, after giving Grandpa a two hour,"down and dirty" lesson in paintball games. What a privilege for us to have someone so good looking with us. Truly these were treasured moments. Gifts from God that blessed our day, beyond measure.

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ajwatson722 said...

Love the picture of you and sweet! I miss all those kids...and you too!!! Looks like a wonderful Saturday! Love you!


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