Tuesday, July 31, 2012

  It came from a local roadside stand.
It was purchased by my daughter and eagerly delivered by my oldest granddaughter.
She knows her maw maw well, and that flowers always bring a smile.

She learned that years ago.   A way to grandma's heart is through beautiful flowers:)

The youngest granddaughter is learning that fact too.
We walked outside and created a bouquet yesterday.
Believe it or not, she seemed so excited about the flowers, too.  I wonder if she is just acting, or if the other granddaughters gave her a heads regarding her maw maw's love of flowers.

Here is the simple, yet colorful bouquet that we picked, sitting on our daughter's dining room table.

I had her smell them.  I talked excitedly about them to her, and tried to convince her to share my enthusiasm.

She seemed to catch on so quickly.  Grandmas always think like that.

Another pretty bouquet from a dear friend's garden.
The endless varieties, colors, and ways to arrange, add uniqueness to every one of the seasons bouquets.

Roses from the farm stand.  I am convinced that this friend has a magic touch in the rose department.

I know, I haved shared way too many flowers recently.  Winter is coming soon and the flower posts will stop.  I promise.

Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

When we stopped at the small Village Market, I could feel my tastebuds already salivating.  Sitting at a picnic table  under the front porch was a middle aged lady.  She had a box of peaches on one side of her, and a huge bowl of sliced peaches on the other.  I asked what she planned on doing with the peaches and was told they were used to make fresh peach pies. 
Hence,  my purchased peach pie.  I can guarantee you that it tastes as good as it looks.  My memory of it from previous summers serves me well.
Tonight I am going to an event that requires I bring a dessert.  I think the people there will benefit from my purchase at the Village Market.

By the way, the event tonight is my 40th Class Reunion.  That just sounds so old to me.  Perhaps Geritol would be more appropriate than peach pie!

The market contains one fairly large room.  The cooks and bakers employed here are the best.  The displays are so beautifully and artistically done.  Freshness reigns.  Baskets for sale, hang down from the wooden beams, of the one time barn.

So much produce, in so little space, and yet it is most tastefully displayed.  It just reminds me of an artist's palette, with the many colors, shapes, and textures.

One of my very favorite aspects of this thriving business, is the freely offered samples of their homemade foods.  Everywhere one looks are neat, clean, covered containers of samples.  What a great idea!  You taste...you like...you buy.  The concept is brilliant!  No wonder the parking lot is always full, and one ususually waits in line at the single cash register by the front door.  Not to mention, that everything I purchase here, is delicious!  Seems to me, that farm girls sure do know how to cook and bake.

Oh, think if my grandchildren had been with me this morning, and would have discovered this jackpot.  Can't imagine how excited they would have been!  Free gifts offered just for stopping by this market. 

And, if all the above was not enough to wow me, an attractively displayed coffee bar puts me over the top.  Whatever one would want in the coffee realm was available.  The prices were so good I could not pass up a coffee opportunity.

I like seeing small businesses thrive.  I like seeing people who take their ideas, venture out, and become successful.   The welcome one receives,  the eyecandy one takes in, and the scrumptious aromas one breathes in,  makes any stop here a fun treat.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend, and that you have an opportunity to taste some fresh peaches.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This book is one that sits on my coffee table.  It was given to me years ago, and I like the message it portrays.  The author shares some helpful insights on ways to "putting the heart into your home."
She shares that homes should make thier occupants feel completed and satisfied, and that your home should create a "feel-good" home.

I want our home to offer those that live here and those who visit, the gift of comfort.
It should offer places where one feels welcomed and relaxed.  Our home is made up of things we love, and many of it's contents hold sentiment.  It does not matter if it is not a showplace, because most people's homes are not.
What matters most is that it offers down-home comfort and warmth.  A shelter from the world outside it's doors.  I like the wicker settee that I discovered at a local thrift store.  My husband painted it and my friend covered the cushions with new fabric.  It has become my favorite seat in our home.

Lighting is a big aspect of our home, and it always sets the mood of coziness that says, "come on in and stay a while", to all who enter the door.
This picture was taken a few weeks ago, during a rain storm.  Despite the storm, it gave us a safe feeling to sit here and watch it all.

A fresh rose from my garden, adds a special touch to the small powder room at our backdoor.  Another way of letting my family know, that I care.  This rose was brought in after the rain today, and I like the raindrops on it.  It's exquisite beauty, far surpasses any artwork we may have in our home.   Fortunately, my roses are doing fairly well this summer.

I found this picture recently, while going through past picture albums.  This old table was on my porch a few years ago.    The little pink stars and old glass globes, added pretty lighting to the porch that summer.  Flea market finds are how I decorate my porch each summer.

More than the decor, lighting, contents, or the furniture...I want the welcome and the memories made in our home, to be what really matters the most.
In our world today, our homes should offer shelter, comfort, security and protection.
I want to thank Jean Lemmon for sharing her thoughts and her insights, in her book, "Putting
The Heart in your Home".  It serves as a good reminder to me of what really matters,  in the decorating realm of life.  The pictures in the book, are beautiful, as evidenced in the following picture, shared from one of it's pages.
The picture depicts an open invitation to sit down and unwind.  Would you agree?

Thanks for stopping by this evening!

Monday, July 23, 2012

 In my mind, the peach growing season is way too short.  I look forward to it every year because peaches taste so good to me.
The peaches in our part of the country are so sweet this season.  I waited for the box of peaches that I purchased recently, to ripen for a few days my garage.  When they were nice and ripe...

... I made peach freezer jelly and peach puree'  and put it in the freezer.

I like the little jars with the plastic lids.  I found them in boxes of 8, on the clearance shelves of the local Marshall's store.  I think they will make some pretty little gifts this winter.

Peach shortcake is one of my favorite seasonal desserts.  Since I am cutting back in desserts, but still wanted to eat lots of fresh peaches,  I decided to make my own low calorie version.

I piled some fresh peach slices in a glass bowl.  I whipped up some sugar-free instant vanilla pudding, adding 2 1/8 cups of cold skim milk.  It made the consistency of a vanilla sauce that I drizzled lightly over the peaches. 

I crushed a pack of these Lorna Doone 100 calorie packs of cookies and sprinkled some of them over the top(to try to fool myself into thinking it was shortcake:)
I added a small dollop of lt. Cool Whip.
Really, it tasted delicious to me...not as delicious as my shortcake, but it worked for me.

Peaches and summer flowers make me smile today.

Two pictures captured by my uncle.  I think they are beautiful, so I shared them with you, hoping it will add some joy to your day.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the midst of life in our busy, noisy world, where everyone is clamouring for our attention, these pictures calm my spirits and quiet my heart this morning.

"In quietness and trust is your strength."  Isa. 30:15

"Be still, and in the quiet moments, listen to the voice of your Heavenly Father.  His words can renew
your spirit...no one knows you and your needs like He does.            ~Janet L. Weaver Smith

I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hurting for all those involved in the horrific events of Aurora, CO.   Our prayers are with those so painfully affected.  Life is fragile.  Every breath we take is a gift.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The title of this blog certainly does fit each and every post that I share.
I do offer, in the scope of daily life with all of it's many happenings, just a LITTLE something for you.
Those of you who stop by can attest to that fact.

Don't you think this dahlia is beautiful?  My uncle shared the picture he took, with me.  I like it's unique color.

The remainder of this post is about Auntie Anne's pretzels.


Recently, I had my granddaughters at the local mall.  As always, the aroma floating from the Auntie Anne's stand caught their attention.  They stood spellbound as they watched the gifted lady behind the glass, do her magic with each soft pretzel creation.

They stared for quite a while, and I must admit I too was impressed with the speed and agility of the ones working at the mall kiosk.   I reminded the girls that I had a "make your own Auntie Anne's At -Home Baking Kit" that I had purchased at the local supermarket a few months ago.

As you can imagine, they did not let me forget that fact.  Recently, we attempted this fun, easy, and delicious challenge.

Here the mound of dough rises for 30 minutes, covered totally with plastic wrap.
The word "yeast" usually scares me, but I must admit, this was quite easy and quick.

They watched as I took the raised dough and cut pressed it onto my cleaned:), sprayed with Pam kitchen counter.  I cut it into strips as instructed.

Then the fun began.  All instructions were easy to understand and simple to follow.
As you can see, they took their chore very seriously.


Oh, wouldn't Auntie Anne be so proud of this little girl's first pretzel?  She most certainly was.

One box made 9 big pretzels.  Quite a good price for an Auntie Anne's pretzel.  Not to mention, they tasted sooooo good, with their warm, buttery flavor.

They are excited to give one of their soft pretzels to their older brother, for his 18th birthday today.
We all know he will like it.


Soft pretzels that depict their creator's personalities.
Thank you Auntie Anne for providing us with a fun adventure.
I am sure they will never look at one of your pretzels the same again.

Thanks for joining us.  We are constantly trying to find ways to pass time in this unusually HOT, dry summer.  What a different summer than last (summer).

"Never get tired of doing little things for others, for those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."     ~unknown


Monday, July 16, 2012

Today...a pink little something just for you.

It seems to me that much of my world right now includes the color "pink".  As I looked at my picture albums from this summer, I found pink being one of the dominant colors.  I thought I would share a few of the pink photos from my collection, on this Monday.

This is one of my favorite pink smiles.  I hope her smile lifts your spirits today, as it did mine.

The old black iron faucet and well container,is filled with vibrant plantings and is placed at the entranceway of one of the local restaurants.  Every time I walk into the restaurant, I am impressed with the flowering contents.

This is the first hydrangea flower from a plant that my daughter gave to me last summer.
I placed it on my desk yesterday.  Whenever one of my plants survives from one year to another, and actually produces flowers...I am so happy.  I like the shade of pink that it is.

Pink nail manicure given to our granddaughter, by her aunt.
She was so pleased.

Cupcakes baked and decorated by our daughter.

So many pink varieties of flowers are everywhere.  This picture was taken by my uncle.
I think the pink and green colors are a beautiful combination.
Does anyone know the name of these flowers?

Another precious pink picture from my collection.  The little pink heart barrett fits her personality, and it one of the barretts that actually stays in her hair.

Even the little guys and their paw paw, are sometimes found having to endure the "pink" around here, much to their dismay.  My husband was not sure he wanted to be included in a pink post:), but this is one of my favorite "after bath time" pictures.  

Thank you for stopping by today.


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