Monday, July 27, 2015

"If I Had Only Today"

Only TODAY...just one more day.  So many priceless moments I would enjoy to

their many things to touch and smell, to hear and see, to feel and to express,

to know and to much of God's world to share.  So many urgent

messages to convey.  So much to say "I'm sorry" for, and feel joy of a forgiving

embrace.  So many ways to hear and say "I love you" to my precious family and

friends.  So many corners of life to warm and brighten with Your light."

Written by my dear friend Patty, in her book, "Pathways of the Heart". is a brand new week.  So thankful for that gift.  Thankful for you too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our simple summer fun on a hot, humid morning in July.

Most of those living here, did not notice us, or care that we were watching them, until...

...a quarter provided a scoop of dry feed, suddenly making her, one popular visitor.

And, had her "animal loving heart" filled with joy.

She wanted to take them home:)

Although for some reason, this male duck seemed totally annoyed, and let it
be known by his loud protests, and he raced across the grass towards her.

The farmers went quietly about their daily duties, oblivious to those watching from the
porch above them.

Some of the animals sought shade under the wooden walkway.

A few farm pictures, just for you!
Wishing each one of you, some of your own simple moments of joy today!

Monday, July 20, 2015


"A demonstration was once performed to show that a tiny cork could eventually move  a
heavy piece of steel.  An eight foot bar was suspended by a very strong wire.  Nearby,
a small cork hanging by a fine silk thread was swung gently and rhythmically against
the metal.  At first the large object remained apparently motionless, but after being struck
repeatedly for ten minutes, a slight variation could be observed.  At the end of half an
hour the impact of the cork had transferred enough momentum to the bar to make it
swing like a mighty pendulum."  ~Author unknown

"My life shall touch a dozen lives
     before this day is done,
Leave countless marks for good or
     ill ere sets the evening sun.
This is the wish I always wish, the
     prayer I always pray;
Lord, may my life help other lives
     it touches by the way."   ~Unknown

Never underestimate the difference one life can make in our world.  No matter who you
are, no matter how big or small your contribution to others is, it will matter.  You matter!

Thanks to you for stopping by, because it matters to me.  Thanks to my uncle for
capturing this picture recently, and sharing it with us.  Don't you think it is a magical
setting?  Wouldn't you love to sit on the beach and close out your day with this
scene before you?  I would.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I needed a dessert this evening, and I have extra fresh blueberries
in my refrigerator.

This recipe is my sister-in-law's often requested recipe for "Blueberry Pie".  Fresh
berries are abundant right now, and this is a quick, delicious recipe.  It includes three
simple steps;

First step.

Second step.

Third step.

Three bowls of completed recipe steps;

Instead of using a pie pan, I chose to use this old glass sided plate that I bought years ago, at
a local flea market.

I also purchase some old canning jars, and placed five of them on the plate, creating
individual desserts for the guests.

And then, because one recipe makes more than I will need for these small,
individual desserts, I recently purchased these two small, colorful pie
plates at the local dollar store.  They came in four bright colors.  I thought
they were so attractive and inexpensive.  I knew they would make
some special gifts in the future.  Maybe filled with quiche, or baked
oatmeal, or a blueberry pie:)  I took the leftover pie ingredients,
and made a blueberry pie with this recipe.  I am going to
give it as a gift today.  Thanks dollar store!

As a final step, I added a dollop of whipped cream to each dessert, and a bright colored pansy.
I covered these completed desserts lightly with plastic wrap, and will refrigerate them until I
need them this evening.  How easy is that!!!

I added a touch of whipped cream to the small pie and sprinkled it with some iridescent sugar.
I think it will make a nice gift.  All of this with one "Blueberry Pie" recipe.

I want to thank her for sharing her recipe with me, and for all that she adds to my life
the life of our family.

One more thing, I stopped at the farm garden near by and picked my own flowers.
Don't you think they will brighten up my kitchen table?
Another post on fruits and flowers...I can't help myself:)
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a good weekend!  If you have extra blueberries...
this might be an idea for you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I purchased the first sweet corn of the summer on Saturday.  I husked it, boiled it, put it in
ice water and then cut it from the cob.

For as long as I can remember, this process has been a part of my summertime.  As a young
girl, I clearly remember helping my mother and grandmother in freezing corn.  As a young
teen, I recall the entire day that was set aside by my mother, for me and my siblings,
to help in the huge endeavor.  I say "huge", because it was just that!  For a few of those years,
we would husk at least a thousand ears of corn.  Corn was a staple in our diet, and my
mother believed that home frozen corn, tasted much better than store bought frozen corn.
We would set up lawn chairs in a circle, in our garage, and fairly early in the day, we
would begin the endless husking chore:)

While we were husking the corn, my mother would be in the kitchen, boiling the ears of corn,
and placing it in cold water to cool it.  When it was cool, she would cut the corn off the ear
with the cutting tool pictured above.  Hence, I have been doing the same thing for years. 
I am very well aware of the fact that there are many new and updated methods of husking
the corn, and cutting off the corn, but for some reason, this is still the way that I do it.
Saturday afternoon, as I did this procedure once again in my kitchen, so many memories
came flooding back to me.  Actually, I remember dreading the "corn freezing" days of
summer, and now I find myself with a slightly different perspective.  I am not sure how
much corn I will freeze this summer, but whatever I freeze, I know it will be enjoyed
by many, because it really is delicious!

On this particular occasion, I used the corn to make a zucchini and corn casserole, for a
picnic we were attending that evening.  I found this recipe, using fresh cut off corn,
tomatoes, and zucchini, and it is definitely a simple, but scrumptious recipe I can't
wait to make again.  You too can find it here...

When I stopped at the roadside stand to purchase the corn, I also purchased these fresh

After washing and preparing each one of the fruits...

I made this big bowl of fruit salad.  We have been eating fruit continually.  Our grandchildren
were over this week, and they each ate bowls of the goodness.  What a gift, to open one's
refrigerator, and find such beauty waiting to be eaten.  I mentioned in my last post, that our
growing season here, has been exceptional, and I am so grateful for all that is growing in
abundance around us.

But, when the birthdays come, this grandson chose a doughnut cake for his celebration.  He
requested that his doughnut be chocolate with chocolate glaze.  We were so happy to celebrate
his ninth birthday.  Our daughter served us a delicious meal, and then came the doughnut

He took the responsibility seriously:)

He and one of his good friends posed for me.  I smiled as I observed how quickly
they've grown up, especially in their photo pose. Two very special young men!

Corn, fresh fruit, and doughnuts, are what were provided here today.  Thanks so much
for stopping by.  I did wonder as I was compiling this post, if you all helped to freeze
corn in your past summer experiences?  If so, what were your memories of it all?

Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 13, 2015

You are invited to join me, for a drive through the country, that I took on Saturday afternoon.
Another one of those gorgeous, summer afternoons, where you drive along, and soon forget
about all that is happening around you, and see only the vast amount of beauty before you.
Country life has it's own "norms" and I find it therapeutic to experience them, if only for a few
hours.  Line dried laundry is seen everywhere here.

Field work must seem endless for these farmers, as they worked with speed and efficiency.

The completed hay rolls graced the fields, in preparation for the winter months ahead.

 In the midst of these farm fields, I once again came to my favorite flower growing spot.
At this point, you may want to leave "just a little something for you" blog, unless...
you happen to be a "flower lover" like me.  Then, and only then, I invite you to stay here,
and  soak in the beauty that I found once again, in the forty-five minutes that I spent
at this tiny, obscure place in the world.  "Obscure" and yet, the owner and her mother told
me they had produced the flower creations for three weddings, that morning.

They also told me that for the next three months, they are booked full with weddings and
summer events.  Together, this small band of women, create some of the most exceptionally
beautiful flower arrangements.  I do wish that I was able to take each of you into their
barn setting and let you watch as they do what they do best.  Each bouquet is done
with attention to design, color, and beauty. 

Here, in this tiny wooden house, where bouquets fill the old kitchen table and side counter.
They told me that I should walk through their overflowing gardens, and of course I did.
Just me and my camera, in the quiet, lush, farmland.  I share with you now, only a bit of
what I captured, if you are interested;

Individual masterpieces.


There you have it, a dose of my afternoon therapy session.  Peaceful, relaxing, inspiring, and
so encouraging to me.  The individual designs, the unique colors, and the sweet fragrances
emitted from the gardens, caused me to be filled with gratitude to God for what I experienced.
After all, He is the one that sends the rain and the sun, which provide the best growing
season for this beauty.  Today as I write this, I think of the talented women, who put their
gifts to work each and every day, producing magazine quality arrangements, in the midst
of farm country.

Thanks so much for stopping here.  Thanks for allowing me the privilege of sharing my
afternoon with you.  Thank you also, for sharing your flowers and gardens in the world
of blog land. 

Happy Monday!

I close my post with this arrangement that came home with me on Saturday.  It sits on
my kitchen counter, serving as a reminder on my afternoon visit.


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