Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We celebrated her birthday with cake, back then when she was tiny enough
to sit on my lap, and too little to talk.  When sticking her tiny finger
into the icing, was important to her.

Last evening we celebrated her birthday again.  This time, she is 8 years old, and told me
that she did not have any specific request for what kind of cake she wanted.  She told me to
surprise her.  I know a lot about this special granddaughter.  I know she likes ice cream.  I
know she likes flowers and butterflies.  So, I decided to put them all together, just for her.
I never have been one to make traditional birthday cakes.  I admire those who do, but this
is my way. 

I took a white, square ironstone container, that I had.  I filled it with balls of chocolate and
vanilla ice cream.  I cut flowers from a faux arrangement that I had in a closet for a few years.
I placed individual stems of flowers into cut straws, and pushed the straw, with the flower,
into the ice cream, continuing until the container was filled with flowers.  I then took
chocolate magic shell and covered all of the top of the ice cream.  The chocolate was to
resemble garden soil.

This was a simple concept for a birthday celebration.  I added tall thin candles, lighting them
right before I was ready to serve it.  After we sang to this precious girl, her and I easily
removed all the flowers and the straws, and then the ice cream was devoured.

Each year, I wonder how I will keep coming up with ideas, but
as you can see, the children are so easy to please.
After all, it is the people that we celebrate, and not how
we celebrate that makes the difference.  When we share these
special moments, it always brings love and laughter to our hearts.
Last evening was no exception.  I pray that she has many more
birthday celebrations in the years ahead.
Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It is Saturday!  My daisies in the flower bed are now in full bloom.  Their little faces greet me
each time I walk out the back door.

Our youngest daughter, husband, and little guy headed back to the midwest, after
spending a week here.  We had so much fun!

I miss this little guy's peanut butter covered face.  I miss his laughter and his tender heart.
But, distance is a part of our lives at this point, and I have to just appreciate the times
that we do have together...right?

It helps me to have a project to focus on, and this was a simple one that I went for.

Our small powder room received a new coat of paint a few weeks ago.  The one wall needed
an updated look.  I took one of the rose photos that I had taken of my rose bloom,
and had it enlarged to a poster size, at Costco.  The price...$ 6.00, and done in an hour.
I framed it in a dark wood frame that I purchased months ago, at a going out of business

I like the way it makes the wall "pop". 

The lamp above the mirror is similar to one at my grandma's house, years ago.  It is 15 years
since we moved to this home, and like always, tastes change.  Today, I would choose another
design for a lamp, but I still like the way the cut glass offers a soft lighting in the room.

I often place a few fresh flowers in the small vase, on the commode.  Flowers always
add to the décor of any room, in my estimation.  I also keep a bottle of room fragrance
spray in the powder room, along with extra hand towels.

A year of so, I purchased this pretty container of hand soap at Marshall's Store.  I
like how it's flowers and colors tie in with this room, and so I keep refilling it with
more hand soap.  I think designers do a great job in creating attractive containers for soap.

By the sink, above the light switch, I hung this faux wreath, on a rose hook that
my daughter gave to me, along with a tiny glass vase, tied with jute.  Of course,
I had to place a rose in the vase.  That is it.  Just a few new touches.

The beauty of the rose though, by itself, is by far the best of all décor I could possibly
add to any room.

Heavy rains are due here all afternoon and evening.  With the warm temperatures and the
abundance of rain that we have had lately, I am sure I will be able to keep a rose in the
hanging vase all summer long.

Thanks so much for stopping here.  I am not sure why you do, but I sure do appreciate
it! :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

We came together this weekend, all of our extended family, including our mother,
five grown children, their spouses, 16 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren.  Only one
of the great-grandchildren were unable to make it.  We spent three days in the mountains,
and had a wonderful time together!

Some of the younger ones met each other for the first time. Instant bonding took place, and
it was fun watching them enjoying each other.

The older ones helped the younger ones.  This room offered crafts of many kinds, and
all the materials needed to complete each project.

Older basketball stars offered free instructions to young ones; eager to learn the sport, and

they seemed ready to show off their newly learned skills.

Some appeared older than their age, and did what they could to help out the mothers.

Our Silver Medal Winners in the "Dessert War Challenge".  Create one of your favorite
vacation spots using food products.

Seeing their masterpiece, I am not sure why they did not win the "gold".  What creative minds
these women have!

The slide into the lake, was the favorite of this grandson.  Over and over again.  It
exhausted me just to watch.

There was sweet, ripe watermelon in abundance, and ...

...happy moments for those who were thrilled to hold their own slice of goodness.

On Sunday morning, the overnight rain continued to fall, but it did not take away from the
joy of celebrating the very special men in our lives.

Wishing them a "Happy Father's Day" and letting them know how much we
appreciated and love them.

Thankful for the gift of family today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The colorful and festive flour sack tea towels that I found at the local Walmart.

The delicious, quick, and simple recipe that I found for making quick bread, using
cherry pie filling(or any fruit pie filling you choose).  You can find it here;


It is a fun and interesting blog to visit, and this particular recipe is a keeper.

I baked the batter in small bundt shapes, but you can use whatever type pan that you wish,
including muffins.

I took one of my plastic Cool Whip lids, covered it with foil, and placed the bundt
shaped bread on it.

Covered it with plastic wrap.  Folded the generous flour sack towel into quarters, placed
the bread in the middle of the square...

...then folded up the four corners over the bread.

Added a tag...completing a gift from the heart.

I also baked some of the dough in these pretty oven-safe paper food trays from Walmart.

Here I folded the towel up over the loaf of bread and tied with a ribbon.
A simple idea from me to you.
My husband has commented about how much he liked this bread,
each time he ate it in the last three days:)
It is especially good, slightly warmed and with a touch of butter.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

School was out for the summer.
It was a perfect Sunday afternoon, and we all headed for a local state park to fish.

Five little ones, and one very patient instructor.

                                                      A brief lesson was given.

The first practice cast was executed..  Laughter erupted as the line hit and wrapped around the
oar of a nearby boat.

                                       Each one took their new responsibility seriously.

                                   Although, some had their own unique style.

Sunday afternoon fishing at it's finest!  While no fish were caught, lots of seaweed was reeled

As their father supervised, their mother was the overseer.  A most important role
considering the deep lake and five enthusiastic young children:).

The picnic followed, with bacon/lettuce and tomato sandwiches, along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  After the meal, it was fresh strawberry shortcake.

A memorable way to pass time on a warm Sunday afternoon.

As we drove home, we inhaled the sweet aroma of the flowering honeysuckle that lined the country roads.

There's just something wonderful about the summertime.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Simple summer time filler...beginner's cooking classes.

Salads in a jar.  The ingredients were chosen by the girls.  Wide mouth quart jars were
used.  Dressings of their choice, were poured into the jar first.  With cutting mats in
place, they chopped the vegetables with dinner knives, eliminating the risk of cutting

Ingredients in the order they chose,were lightly placed in the jars.
With the greens at the top, so they would stay crisp.

At completion, they had one for each member of their family, and looked eager forward
to taking them home for dinner.  I told them to remember that people eat with their eyes
first.  I think the completed jars were a good example of that.

Just a little something from me, a grandma learning how to find projects for "older"
grandchildren to fill the summer hours.


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