Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Surprise 25th Anniversary Party

I purchased this basket and this light from the "Dollar Tree". I purchased a can of silver(25 years is a silver anniversary), metallic spray paint from Walmart. The light takes 4 - AA batteries, which I also purchased from the "Dollar Tree".
I hand stamped this "Happy Anniversary " card to tie on the basket. Actually, I do cards ahead of time, for all different occasions, so I can put gifts together in a short amount of time.

Here is the basket after it was sprayed. This is how the light looks when it is "on". I purchased a bottle of sparkling grape juice and two crystal goblets . I also included a package of glittery, snowflake floating candles and a small glass bowl to float them in, and a cellophane bag of "peanut crunch". I hung a "do not disturb" sign over the neck of the sparkling grape juice bottle. In the painted basket I put the light, crumbled white tissue paper with sparkles, then all of the above mentioned items. Tied a bow on the top and added the small card.

Here is how the basket looked when it was completed. When the light is pushed to "on" at the bottom of the basket, the whole basket lights up. I sat this on a coffee table when I arrived at the party, pushed down on the light to light up the basket, and then went to visit with friends and family. Since I only lit the light upon arriving at the party, it will stay lit all evening. It is a fun way to give a gift basket, and with the dollar store and last year's after Christmas sales, this was an inexpensive, yet fun gift to give. After all, 25 years of marriage, truly is a milestone, and should be celebrated.

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