Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanks to some paint, drop cloths from the Walmart store, we have been busy transforming
our garage.  We (my girls and me) are hosting a baby shower brunch tomorrow, for our
youngest daughter and her husband.
The job is a bit difficult, but one, but I have been enjoying watching
my husband make the transformation from garage to party room.

The strings of lights are still on the ceiling from the first garage party we hosted five years
ago, and continue to be used for each dinner or party since that time.  When the room
goes back to being a garage, we unplug them until the next time they are needed.

We are most thankful for family and friends who love us and don't care one bit if we host them
in our garage.  Aren't we blessed?

Baby shower brunch theme tomorrow..."nautical", thanks to the theme of his newly created
nursery, back in the Midwestern US.

If you are into garage transformations, please stop back in a day or two.  If not, thank you for
stopping by today for this exciting post:)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wishing each of you, on this special Thanksgiving holiday;

~Shelter from the wet, stormy weather.

~Memories from Thanksgivings past, to reflect back over. 

~Someone to show you that you are loved and cared for.

~Some delicious, hot, comfort food to soothe and calm your soul.

~A comfortable chair to curl up on, some good books to read, and best of all, a warm fire to sit
  next to.

~Lots of hot coffee or tea, and a friends to share it with.

~A dose of unexpected beauty that causes your heart to rejoice and be thankful to God
  for His many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Once again, we gathered at our sister and brother-in-law's farm on a crystal clear, cold
and blustery Sunday afternoon.  We were celebrating Thanksgiving together, even though it
was a few days earlier than we usually do.  The hospitality was warm and inviting as many
of us walked through the old farmhouse doors.  The cinnamon candles burning and the aroma
of food cooking, instantly brought back many memories, as we greeted each and every one.

Every year we look forward to seeing what fresh dose of creativity will be exhibited on the dining tables.  Nature at it's finest comes alive as centerpieces, and each year we are amazed at how they
(the mother and daughter) who live in this double home, do it.  The old stone farmhouse is now
home to two families, and on this particular day, the doors between them are opened to make room for everyone.

My sister-in-laws, granddaughter, and niece's son enjoying rare moments together.

So much so, that the little one wanted to copy her great-aunt and help out in the
kitchen, apron included.
It all made for moments to treasure for years to come.

My nephew as a new dad and his precious daughter celebrated the day together.  Five weeks
ago, she entered the world and we all were eager to meet her.

Young and old alike tenderly welcomed her to the family.
Gracing the kitchen counter, next to the old kitchen utensils, was a sign
voicing our sentiments as we spent the day together.  "Enough"...whatever
we have at this moment, in whatever area that may present
itself, is enough, and we are most thankful!
Not one of us, at the Thanksgiving gathering yesterday, has any idea as to what the future
may hold, but we do know that our God holds the future,
and for that we are eternally grateful!
In a world that is rapidly changing, and unrest is part of the everyday events, we
are confident in His plan and purpose for each new day we face.
Being thankful helps us realize what we have is truly
"enough".  A reminder I need as I begin this week ahead of me.
I do want to tell each of you who visits here today, that I am
truly thankful for you.  Some of you I know, and some I don't, but
you stop here at ...just a little something for you...and you share
my simple happenings with me.  Thank you so much for that gift!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am fortunate enough to have a few boxwoods on our property.  I like the look they add to
my holiday decorating.  So, along with their green beauty, I decided to use pieces of my old
glassware this year, to help me decorate.  I hesitate sharing the simplicity of it all, but I thought
that maybe you too, have some glass pieces from the past that you could give new life too,
this Christmas.

I used my old crystal pedestal bowl to create this coffee table arrangement, by placing the candle first, and then arranging clusters of boxwood around it.  I added a wired ribbon to give it a bit
of color.  I like the touch of elegance that it added to the room. 

Then I cut more boxwood, plus a thin old grapevine wreath from the attic, and my hot glue gun.
I stuck the small branches of the boxwood into the wreath, gluing as I went.  I purchased a
sleeve of the colored ornaments from the dollar bin at my local Target Store a few weeks ago.
And there you have it, my simple creation was hung on the wall of my lit kitchen cupboard.
The old glass parfaits were my mothers when I was young, the ribbon was a roll I had purchased
at Walmart.

I used a glue gun to attach each colored ornament to the boxwood.  I do like the color it added
to my white bead board wall.

I also used my old glass milk bottles and glass coffee jars to make a festive vignette in the kitchen cupboard.  I used a strand of battery operated colored lights to weave in through
the milk bottles.  My old cupcake tin was the final touch.

Old and new come together on the counter under the cupboard.

Along with my treasured "Country Living Farm Chicks Christmas Book" with it's own pictured
display of old glassware filled with fun holiday candy.

I discovered this crystal pedestal bowl last weekend at a small mountain variety store.  There it
was on a table, along with old plastic boxes and flowers.   It's beauty and it's price made it
impossible for me to pass it by.  My friend, who was with me on our fun endeavor, told me
she has one similar to this one, and she uses it on her kitchen counter, to hold bananas.
As you can see, it now sits on my kitchen counter and holds my apples and oranges.

I think the older I get, the more I like to incorporate old pieces into my daily life.  Maybe it is
like giving them a second chance in life to rise and shine.  Or maybe it is, I want them to still
feel important in life, because I can identify with their "oldness":)  Whatever the reason, this
Christmas, I used them to add touches of loveliness to our home.

Today, whether you are young or older, I want you to know that you are important and
valuable!  Your beauty can be used in many ways to brighten someone's life.  My glass pieces
thought their time was over and their life duties were done, until I pulled them of the
cupboards and gave their beauty more moments in the spotlight:)
Greetings to you, from this "older" blogger!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Evening Friends!

On my last post, I shared a "crustless quiche" that my friend made over the weekend.  She was kind
enough to share her recipe with us; 

Crustless Quiche
8 strips fried bacon or sausage or ham or crab or veggies (your choice)
1 cup shredded cheese (she used cheddar or Swiss cheese) 
4 - 5 eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
Dash of salt & pepper
Dried chopped onion
Mix eggs, milk, butter & flour in blender.
Add seasonings.
Arrange, meat & veggies into greased 9-10 inch pie plate.
Pour egg mixture over the top.
Top with more cheese if desired.
Bake 30-40 minutes @ 350 degrees until knife comes out clean.
Serve with tossed salad or fruit for breakfast, lunch or brunch.
Thank you Jul, for sharing your delicious recipe with all of us.

Monday, November 18, 2013

There were eight of us in number.  We gathered at our dear friend's family cabin for the weekend.  It was a first for us and we had a memorable time together.

Despite the rainy, windy, and cool weather, we still had time for early morning coffee on the deck.

And gathered in the morning for a delicious, healthy breakfast.
We divided up the food prep, and each took care of one meal.
These ladies sure are great cooks and I did learn new tidbits from them.
We all have been friends for many years.

I learned if you are cutting up pineapple chunks and apples slices for the same fruit platter, you can
throw the apple slices in with the remaining pineapple chunks and juice, stir together and put on the platter.  The juice from the pineapple chunks, will keep the apple slices from changing to brown.

I learned a pretty way to serve fresh fruit, with all the colors and the textures.

I learned it from this lady.  She is an expert when it comes to fresh fruit.

I also learned from her, some fancy ways to decorate quiches, before adding her crustless
quiche egg and cheese mixture. 

Oh, and did I mention, the spinach was from her garden?  Yes, she is still cutting baby spinach
from her garden in November. 

I can't tell you how delicious these crustless quiches were!

The centerpiece plate was filled with a few colorful mums, more fruit, and some peppermint Lifesavers.  How attractive!  Did I mention our hostess is an accomplished florist also?  How nice
to have a produce specialist and a florist as our hostess!

 I learned that there are some snacks that would fall in the category of "irresistible"!
This was one of them.  If I can, I will try to get you this recipe so that maybe you might make it
over the holidays.  I heard the comment "addictive" from several as they filled up hands with
this mixture.

I learned that some couples can make dinner together.  I only wish I would have taken a picture
of the "grill specialist" with us, and the outstanding chicken that he grilled.

I learned from this "fancy" dessert, that even gluten free desserts can be mouthwatering.
The homemade custard and strawberries were a real treat!

I learned that despite the weather, a group of friends can have a great time relaxing, sharing, laughing, inspiring, and eating together.  A wonderful break in the middle of the busy fall season.

The "welcome" was warm, the hospitality will not be forgotten. 
Today, I am most grateful for friends that share life's journey.

Thank for you too, my blogging friends!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

I passed them yesterday morning, walking to their school.  Across the fields they traveled, their
backpacks and lunches with them.  I thought to myself, as to how many different forms of
transportation the children in America take, to get to school.  I'm not sure there
are too many with this method.

I walked a mile to school every day, in the town I lived it.  My husband walked a mile to his school.
I think about those days at times, and conclude that life is so different in today's world.
I knew who lived in most of the homes I passed along the way.  I knew the crossing guards by

What form of transportation did you take to get to your elementary school?

In the morning, and again in the evening, I pass many farms.
Whether it is early in the day, or late in the evening, the farms offer a unique,
and peaceful scenery for all who pass by
As the sun was setting last evening, I was reminded again, of how much work
is required to operate a farm.  It was 7:00pm, and the farmers were
still in their barns and fields, busy at work.

I wonder if those young children walking the fields to their school, will continue the traditions of
those who own and operate the beautiful farms they grew up with?  I wonder if there will be as
many changes when they are grown up, as there were since I was a child?
I am most grateful to all those who work the fields and operate the farms. 
I appreciate their work ethic and that they are passing that same concept on
to their children.  I am thankful for what they continually teach me, as I drive
the many roads in my part, of our great country.
Wishing you scenes of beauty as you go through your day today.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Teaching moments in the midst of everyday life;

One must take "teaching moments" whenever they come along.  Sometimes they happen
at an unexpected time, like this one when it was time to set the table for a light family
luncheon.  Lesson to fold a napkin.

"You fold it in half", and then you crease it.

You place it to the left of each plate.  Wearing slippers always adds comfort to one's chores.

Lesson # 2...where to place the eating utensils?

Well, maybe there is a bit of confusion here(notice the one setting is reversed), but the instructor certainly does it with love and care.  His intentions are good and his little student is most willing:)

She is at least grasping the right concept.  We both praised here willingness to help.

"The deepest principle of the human heart is the craving to be appreciated."    ~William James

"Praise does wonders for our sense of hearing."    ~Arnold Glasgow

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


For a long time, I have been looking for a chandelier like this one.  In my teen years, my parents had a lamp just like this one over their kitchen table.  What made it unique in my book, was that it had a down light in the center.  My mother would have only that down light on, whenever I would come home in at night.  I liked the warm, cozy glow it gave to the kitchen eating area, and I
often thought I would like one for my kitchen table in our home.

I found this one at the local Habitat for Humanity Building Supply Store near my home. 
On my first visit to the store, I found the front showroom, filled with polished brass chandeliers.  Apparently, there is no longer a demand for polished brass.  As I was looking up at the big selection, I found one with a down light.  I was thrilled!  For a few dollars I purchased it and brought it home.  It was exactly like the one we had in our home.  In fact, I like to think it was the same one:)

I purchased a can of bronze metallic paint at the local KMart store. My husband cleaned it thoroughly. On a day when the wind was not too strong, he spray painted it by hanging it on the lower branches of a tree.  When he was finished, it looked just as I had imagined.  He used two coats of the spray paint, allowing the first coat to try before giving it the second coat.
I added some small crystals I already had on hand.  For so little cost and time, I now have a
chandelier like I had searched for.  The down light gave the same soft glow as I remembered
from my mother's table.

Most of the time now, thanks to the three way switch, we use only the down light, when
we are not eating our meals at the table.  If you ever wonder if you can spray paint
any polished brass fixtures you have, hopefully this will answer your question.
You too, might want to make a visit to the local Habitat For Humanity Store and
buy a can of paint like this one.

Then you too, can have a soft, warm light over your kitchen table.

Thanks for stopping by this evening, and for allowing me to share my fun lighting adventure.


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