Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is in full swing in our county.
Saturday afternoon's weather was exceptionally nice!
The five of us decided a hike was in order.
We went to an area known as Rails to Trails.

We were all feeling quite energetic as we posed for a picture at the beginning of the trail.  The picture was taken by a lady who was at the end of her hike.  I noticed that her and her friend had survived the
hike just fine:)

Before our hike started, we found the three huddled on the stone path, totally amused by something.

Only to find a grasshopper as the focal point.  I love how children can get so excited about
something as simple as a grasshopper.

My husband pulled a list of rules from the clear plastic envelope hanging on the post.  He proceeded to share the rules of the trail with the children.  Rule #1..."in order to hike this trail, one must have
all their teeth". 

...The reason for his made up rule, was right here in the blue shirt:) 
This week he lost his first tooth.

We started out walking and talking.

Then the racing competition began.  Now let it be known, no 60some year old grandfather
is going to let his young grandchildren beat him in any race.
The little blond way up ahead, started well in advance of the others........ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get the lead!

The honeysuckle was still in bloom on one side of the trail,


And the leaves were turning on the trees, on the other side of the trail.

In the midst of our busy lives, taking time on a fall afternoon to enjoy nature and each other, was
therapeutic for all of us.

"There is something satisfying, rejuvenating, comforting about the seasons.  They remind me
that I play one small part in a much bigger picture---that there is a pulse, a sequence, a journey
set into motion by the very hand of God Himself."     Karen Scalf Linamen

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our visit to the annual country fair took place last evening.
With three of our older grandchildren in tow, we parked in the
grass field across the street from the fair.
For them, it was their first visit and anticipation was building.
The colors and signs of fall were everywhere.
Tractors were the first thing that caught their
attention.  As you can see, they made themselves right at
home on the huge machines.

Can you imagine how massive they must have seemed to these
little ones?
I was thankful for my camera from the start of our adventure.

New tractors and very old tractors filled the grass sections by the driveway.

A real live rodeo was the next event they discovered.
 They asked if we could sit on the bleachers and watch the upcoming competition,
which began by standing to the National Anthem.
As would be expected, their attention span drifted in the midst of the rodeo, by the smell of french fries filling the air.
"Please Pawpaw, can we get some French fries?"

We walked in through the many large tents throughout the grounds.  Alpacas were the first of the
animals they met.

Who couldn't love a face like this?

We watched two ladies weaving the fleece from the Alpacas.  It was so soft!

In through the tents we walked, observing the cows, and the milking of cows...

...and the pigs, goats, and sheep.

One of the stands had a kind lady offering balloons to the children, which only added to the fun of the evening.

The tent with the flower  and food competitions was interesting to my granddaughters and me.  Garden flowers, homegrown apples, various nuts and flower arrangements were judged.

I liked this creatively done arrangement of flowers in a plastic popsicle holder.  Apparently the judges liked it too.

I wish I had a tree that grew apples like these.

So many varieties, colors, and sizes of gorgeous Dahlias graced the one table.  Isn't the one that received the blue ribbon unique?

The old steam engine was intriguing to the children.  I can still remember the sound they make from 
my years of growing up in the country.  Sure makes me sound old, doesn't it?

Just a few years ago, we would take our young children to the fair, and met friends with their children.  Now, we took our
grandchildren and met our friends with their grandchildren.  I wonder if we will ever be taking our
great-grandchildren to this fair?:)

It was soon time to leave the fair, taking more special memories with us... the sun was setting on the grounds of the fair.
Just in case you don't live near a country fair, I thought we would share ours with you.
It truly is a privilege to visit it each year.
Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The shower was a few weeks ago, and now remains a special memory in our hearts.
I was not able to download the pictures that were sent to me until now, mainly because I did not
have time to figure it out.  But, since it was a fun event, and because I know how much I enjoy
seeing all of your showers and wedding pictures, I thought I would share these pictures with you.

The venue was an old barn located on the grounds of a Bed & Breakfast.
The bottom room of the farm is decorated specifically for events and comes equipped with everything
but the decorations.  The tiny white lights on the grapevines, added a touch of ambience to the room.

The shower was for our dear niece, whose wedding will be late October.

For favors, I did bottles of "Wet & Wild" nail polishes, in shades of pink.  I dressed them as
little brides with white tulle veils, secured with tiny white rubber bands and then covered with thin
pink ribbons.

My sister used clear plastic plates and set each plate on a gold, lace doily.  The pretty vintage plastic ware was purchased at Party City.  It is so nice and sturdy that we saved it all and will wash and reuse it again.

For the centerpieces, I pulled out my stored crystal candle holders and tiny vases.  I have collected
crystal pieces over the years from Salvation Army stores and consignment shops.  I purchased one
bunch of pink roses from Costco and divided them up for all the tables, and the food table.  My sister
had the mirrors that I used.

Years ago I started a collection of crystal candleholders and votive holders, and I use them time and time again. 

For the banner, I used a white string of tiny lights, wrapped in tulle.  I used large, plain white index cards, with white lace doilies.  I spelled out the couple's names with gold, sparkly sticker letters
 and embellished them with pink
hearts.  I had the black and white pictures copied at Costco.
So simple that I almost was not going to share it, especially after seeing many
of your banners in blog land.

My sister and her daughter, the bride-to-be.  What fun it was to celebrate her.

One of the bride's good friends, who will serve as the bridesmaid, and another one of my beautiful
nieces who will serve as maid-of-honor.  These two were instrumental in creating this special
shower.  Their gracious hospitality made everyone feel welcomed.

The bouquet was designed and made by the girls, out of tissue papers and ribbons from the opened
gifts.  How clever!

I've watched my niece grow up through the years.  She spent hours of time in our home over the years.   Our youngest daughter will have the honor of serving as matron-on-honor, but could not be with us at the shower.  It is a joy to be her aunt, and we all look forward to her October wedding.

Thanks for the privilege of sharing this event.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


A Pinterest find to share with you.  A "peaceful morning with coffee" is what I pray for you today, no
matter what you face in the day ahead.   My sister sent this to me the other day and I wanted to share it with you.

I also want to share my finds from last week.  The little glass tray with the salt, pepper, sugar, and pitcher are what I found at a local consignment shop.  I needed salt and pepper shakers and thought this combination would work.  I also found this old coffee jar at an antique mall I visited.  I thought
the lid was unique with the "viewing glass" on the lid.

It states that it was approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.
The simple glass vignette, along with the pumpkin planter, bring
a fun change to my kitchen counter.

We were going to visit one of my husband's friends who recently
was discharged from the hospital.   I wanted to take some
cookies along for him and his wife, but once again, my time was limited.
I took my trusty refrigerated container of cookie dough from the
refrigerator.  I put some of the dough into two separate bowls.

To one of the bowls of dough I added 3/4 cup of Heath English Toffee Bits and stirred them
into the dough, and then baked them as instructed.

One can't really call these homemade cookies, but they seem to be a hit when I bake them.

In the other bowl, I put more of the cookie dough and then added 3/4 cup of chopped Andes Mints, stirred them into the batter and baked as instructed.  My husband could not decide which ones he
liked the best.  My kitchen smelled so good while the cookies were baking.


I put them in different plastic containers so as not to mix the flavors. 

Added a touch of fall to each of the containers.  One for last evening and one
to drop off for a friend today.
Simple ways to add my own touch to some already delicious cookie
After all, it is not the gift but the thought that counts.
We both came away from our visit with his friends, thankful for the two of them, and
yet sad for this painful time in their lives.
"Peace in your morning", coffee, cookies, and the fall season of the year are what make up
this "little something for you"
Oh, and one more thing to share.  This was the sunset we viewed as
we drove to his friend's home.
It was God's gift to us and it was far better than any chocolate chip

One more thing I would like to leave you with;
If you have time and want to read a powerful and yet grace filled post, about a friend's
journey with cancer, you can visit ...
It left me in tears and yet, it was most beautifully shared. 
I would love to be able to express my heart like this blogger
so skillfully does on her blog...every post.
Thank you for stopping by.


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