Thursday, October 29, 2015

We look for them at times, and at other times, we are too consumed with our lives that we
don't even notice them.  They are the tiny gifts, touches of beauty or joy that
brighten our journey, lift our spirits, or simply make us smile.  I have been praying
recently, that I take time to notice them, time to appreciate them, and time to be
thankful for them.  Today, I share a few of those unexpected gifts along my
journey lately.

Like the adorable edible acorns that my friend painstakingly made.  They were made with
a Hershey Kiss, Nutter Butters, and a chocolate chip, and then placed on a pretty
leaf plate.  FYI, the leaf plates can be found at the Christmas Tree Shop.

The three miniature horses that another friend so excitedly shared with me.  She treasured
her little friends and it was evident in her smile.

I recognized quickly, that they seemed to feel the same way about her.  What fun to share her

The full moon that graced the fall sky, this past week.  Silently, and without fanfare, it
filled the darkened sky with it's brilliant light.  I was thankful that I was outside long
enough to notice this special gift from God.

The unexpected visit that I had with my uncle.  We are the same age, we grew up
together, but now live thousands of miles apart.  For a few minutes last week, we
got to sit, share, and drink coffee together. 

The clever and beautiful way my friend served ice water recently.  It made me smile.
Something as ordinary as a glass of ice water, dressed up a notch for her friends.  It
said "I care" to all of us around her table.

I especially liked the spearmint tea leaves in the water glasses and the little vase
of the leaves sitting by her kitchen sink.

The bowls of homemade lobster chowder that our friends made recently, in a first time
endeavor.  It was my first lobster chowder ever, and I could not believe that someone
would take so much time and energy to make soup like this.  I smile every time I think
about how good it tasted.

The chocolate and caramel covered apples that another friend made and
served us at our Bible Study.  They looked so attractive sitting on her
kitchen island.  I liked the way she carefully sliced them and
placed them on a plate for everyone.

The gorgeous homemade bouquet, that my gifted friend put together for a centerpiece
recently.  It made the entire table look so festive and colorful!  I liked how she used
some of the remaining flowers from her garden.  I kept staring at it in amazement,
that she had done it herself.

"We make a living by what we get ~ we make a life by what we give."   ~Unknown

The early morning scenes that I've taken in recently, that offered views impossible
to describe.  I stopped by the side of the road to capture it all.

The simple, yet profound "concert" that these guys gave to me recently.  Their
grandfather is introducing them to music and the importance of it in life.  He
played the guitar, one was on the harmonica, one on the small guitar, and one
had the microphone of the singing machine ( as it is labeled on the box).  I
stood in the doorway and took it all in, thankful for the smile it brought to me, on
an ordinary weeknight as these little guys put their heart and soul into their

"He who gives to me teaches me to give."   ~ A Danish Proverb

"Blessed are those who give without remembering and who receive without forgetting."

I hope maybe you were blessed by your visit here today.  Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hi, I 'm back!  We spent time with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson in the Midwest.
Celebrated birthdays.  Caught up with each others lives.  Took in the exceptionally
beautiful Fall scenery, while hiking trails and strolling by lakes.

The colors were brilliant!  The air was cool!  The time was too short.

It took a while to reacquaint some with others.  In fact, it was bit devastating at first.

We had time for coffee and fruit together.  Rare time to just sit and talk.  I am convinced that
"time" is the best of gifts that we can give to each other, and yet, a sacrificial gift to say the

This sign was sitting on their fireplace mantel, and I found the words a blessing.

The weather led us to believe that winter was right around the corner, although those on the
many sailboats in our view, were still attempting to prolong it all.

Our two gifted tour guides:)  They know their state so well, and are so happy to share
it all with us.

Huge homes graced the shores of some of the lakes we passed, with colorful
leaves adding to the beauty of it all.
Speaking of beauty...walking into one of the local mall stores, we were
overwhelmed with the exquisite attention to details that we found in
this Restoration Hardware Store.  Breathtaking! 

We visited a quaint, bustling cupcake shop, founded and run by one of the winners on the
show "Cupcake Wars".  It was a treat just to walk into it's doors, and sit in it's small dining

One little guy was especially happy with his cupcake choice. 
And, was thrilled that there were stools to sit on that were his size. 
After too brief of a time, we boarded a plane for home, holding many
special memories in our hearts.
Thank you for stopping by today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thank you to the Dollar Tree, for a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to decorate the table
for these special guys, and their 6 year celebration. 

Since there was only one "cake" and candles for these two, the one born yesterday
got to blow out the candles first, and then I relit the candles, and the one the second
born twin, got to blow them out again.

Chocolate cupcakes with plastic propellers, a dish of vanilla ice cream and
candles.  I told you it was a simple celebration:)

More important though...two little guys who continually bless our lives.

And, then, we enjoyed "face-time" with our family living in the Midwest.  Their young
cousin provided a comedy show for all of us.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, October 19, 2015


"Did you ever wonder why or how leaves change their color during the autumn season?  Why
does a maple leaf turn red?  What about all the bright yellows and oranges we see?

Just recently I read up on the mystery of this metamorphosis.  It all has to do with what
leaves are and how they function.  Simply put, leaves operate as miniature "food
factories".  Trees and other plants take water from the ground through their roots.  The
leaves absorb energy from sunlight that changes carbon dioxide and water into
carbohydrates (specifically glucose, a kind of sugar).  The process by which plants turn
water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates is called photosynthesis  (putting together
with light).  A chemical called chlorophyll helps to make photosynthesis happen.
Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color.

Yet hidden beneath all that green are pigments ranging from pale yellow to deep orange to
bright red (depending on the type of plant or tree).  As summer ends and the days get
shorter and shorter, the chlorophyll breaks down.  Thus the leaf's green color gives way
to the underlying yellow and orange pigments, thereby bringing about the change in
appearance.  The fact is, these colors have been there all along, but they aren't visible
in the summer because they are covered with green chlorophyll.  Moreover, while this
metamorphosis in color is taking place, other changes are occurring simultaneously.
A special layer of cells develops where the leaf stem is attached to the tree and gradually
severs the tissues that hold the leaf onto the branch.  Once the seal is cut, a gently breeze
is all it takes to make the leaf fall.
There is a lesson here about the beauty that results from adversity.  The shorter days, the
longer nights, and the dropping temperatures bring out an underlying beauty that was there
all along but couldn't be seen until the more adverse weather conditions.  Isn't that how it
is with trials in our lives?  If we respond to them rightly, they bring out an inner beauty
that wouldn't be seen otherwise."     ~written by the Pastor of Webster Bible Church in
an article titled, "Autumn Reflections".

I took these pictures of trees this past weekend.  I cannot get enough of their beauty, and
the brilliant blue skies, this Fall season.  Their beauty lifts my spirits and causes me to thank
my Creator God.


Thank you for the privilege of sharing this beauty with you.   I hope in seeing them, you are as
blessed I am, every time I take in their grandeur.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


It was found on the floor of a local, consignment store.  It was sitting on the floor,
surrounded by other pieces of old, unwanted, and discarded furniture.  It has served it's
purpose for many a year, perhaps in some farmhouse, or maybe in some row home.
Now, it sat unwanted, along with all the other pieces, on the crowded floor of the
old store.

It was then that my sister-in-law walked in and discovered it sitting there. 
She, with her creative insight, saw beauty in it's future.  She paid a few dollars for it,
and lugged it home.  I don't know if you are like me or not, but I find it so
inspiring to see old pieces made new.  When I walked in through the front door of her
farmhouse, here is what I saw...

She had cleaned it thoroughly.  She removed all of it's hardware.  She sanded it, to rid it
of it's many nicks and bruises:)  And then she lovingly painted it, and brought it back to
life in such a beautiful way, all for a few dollars and lots of time.

I was so impressed with her skills and her decorating sense, especially considering that she
had not tackled a job like this one previously.  It looked so attractive sitting in the foyer, with
it's new look and it's dressed up style.

At the same consignment shop, she found this old wooden table, and once again, paid
a few dollars for it.  She followed the same steps as the buffet above.  It too,
was given a second chance to shine in life.  It looked so good, along with the old, painted
wooden chairs.

On a visit to a nearby farm with her husband, she discovered the above piece, stashed away
underneath discarded pieces of old, unused farm equipment.  In an unique set of circumstances,
her husband was able to barter with the farmer, and she left with the piece. 

Another cleaning, sanding, and staining, along with hours of time, and look what she now
has, serving as a coffee table, in the family room of her guest house.  If you are interested
in reading about their guest house, you can visit my post from November 16, 2014.

Three old, unused, unwanted pieces, found new purpose and were given a new look, by
my sister-in-law.  She saw beyond their condition, and saw what they could become.

Thanks to my sister-in-law for the inspiration you gave to me, last Saturday morning.  And,
for the beautiful sights I once again received, while sitting on your porch.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In the midst of exceptionally beautiful fall days, when the leaves were sharing
their brilliant colors...

We were spending time with two special grandchildren for a few days, because... a nearby hospital, this precious little guy was born. 

We all welcomed him with great joy.

Words cannot describe our gratitude for his safe arrival, and his healthy little body.
What a miracle!  What a gift from God!  A whole new adventure awaits his older sister
and brother.  The middle child kept asking his parents, "if he could pet him?"

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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