Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Quick Stop at "Ollie's Bargain Warehouse"

Since Autumn is my very favorite season of the year, I like having a few decorations representing this special time, in my home. I am not one to go all out, when it comes to decorating for the seasons. I like some touches here and there. I especially like candles that create a warm, spicy and inviting aroma through out the house. I did discover that Paula Deen has come up with some good smelling ones for Walmart. The pumpkin roll cake one has a wonderful aroma. As I was hurrying through "Ollie's", I happened to see a round, clear container of an old favorite, corn candy.
In another isle, I discovered boxes of clear small votive holders. Six in a box for $1.99. I remembered that I had clear, larger water glasses at home. I put the smaller votive holder in the larger glass, added corn candy in between the two spaces. I added three pumpkin cake roll votive candles and set the containers on a mirror on my kitchen counter. I had picked up some small pumpkins from a roadside stand.
The pumpkin in the background is actually a gourd that was painted and preserved, with a lightbulb through an opening in the back. I had purchased that a few years ago. This all added a cozy, warm accent to my kitchen, and only cost a small amount. At Christmas, I may use the same two clear containers, only fill the spaces with red cranberries, and a bit of green holly. There are so many fillers one can use, to go with each season. By the way, Ollie's also had some nice square and round mirrors, if you want this look for your counter. I only wish I could get ideas from all of you and your decorating choices. As you can see, I started out with ribbons around each glass, then changed my mind. I think I prefer it without. Simple, pretty and smells so good.

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Jeane` said...

That is very pretty! I like it! (and I'm afraid if two little someones we both know find those festive candle holders, you might be missing several dozen candy corns!!) :)
Beautiful posting, as usual...


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