Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I found this pot of flowers sitting at my door, way back in March.  It was put there by a dear
friend, for my birthday.  It's contents were barely visible, with only a few flowers peeking
out through the greens.  But, look at it today.  I think it is so pretty, and every time I walk
out of my back door, I am reminded of my friend, and the love and kindness she shared
with me.  A gift that keeps on special!

Speaking of "look what I found" topics...this is what I found recently, when I walked into
my family room one evening.  My husband had three grandchildren captivated on his lap,
telling them fascinating facts about the book that he was reading.  They were spellbound.
This is the book he was reading, and the pictures alone had them sitting perfectly still.

The book was written by Nick Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich).  He was twenty-seven
years old when he wrote this particular book.  He was born without limbs, but he was not
constrained by his circumstances.  He travels around the world encouraging people to
overcome adversity with faith, hope, love, and courage.  He definitely has had endless
experiences in dealing with adversity and obstacles, some of them unique with him,
but most of them universal to all of us.

I listened as I heard my husband explaining to these little ones, that yes, Nick was born
without any limbs, and yet he went on to live with joy and purpose.  They were filled
with questions, and I quickly realized that this was one of those "learning moments"
that grandparents look for when they had grandchildren in their care.

Personally, my husband and I both enjoyed reading the book, and we were reminded
again, of how important it is to be comfortable with who we are, how we look,
and the purpose that God has for us here on the earth. 

And, later in the evening, this is the scene I discovered.  What is better than one
"plumber" in the house?  Three "plumbers" ready to take care of a drain that
would not hold the water in the tub.  They were ready to tackle the situation,
with real gusto and enthusiasm:)

Today, if you face any roller coaster situations in life, or things that seem insurmountable,
you may want to pick up a copy of Nick's book, to lift your spirits and encourage your heart.
It certainly did mine when I read it.  I close with this quote from his book;

"Whether you have a lot or a little to offer, just remember that small acts of kindness can
be just as powerful as big donations.  If you make a difference in just one life, you've done
a great service, because simple kindness can start a chain reaction of similar actions,
resulting in your effort's initial results becoming magnified many times.  Whatever God
has given you, share it in ways to benefit others."

When we reach out to others, we forget about our own troubles and trials.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miscellaneous musings and fun memories of my Memorial Day weekend.

The banner and lights above my sister's buffet table.

 The festive centerpieces that lined her food table.  I thought the spinning wheels
added a perfect touch.

My Aunt making final preparations on her famous salad.  We all look forward to this
specialty of hers, including the homemade strawberry dressing.

Natural, healthy goodness.

My Mother's fresh fruit dish.  Another always looked forward to dish.

The fresh, hot house tomato platter that is one of my sister's specialties, along with the
sweet mayonnaise dressing.  If you have been visiting my blog for any time, you know
how much I enjoy photographing food.  There is something so beautiful about the
colors and texture of fresh food.  I feel so blessed to have access to it all, and for the
five senses that I have been given.  Things I so often take for granted in the busyness
of life.

The first bouquet of Iris from my front flower garden.  I look forward to them blooming
every Spring, and like how they look in the old canning jar.

 We came upon this farmer and his mules getting ready to work the fields.  With six
mules and three wagons, he had to pull off the road to let us through.  A somewhat
common sight in this county, and yet it still causes me to pull out my camera.

A bouquet of my red mini roses, just for you on this Tuesday.
Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Late yesterday afternoon, I stopped here.  A huge barn sale in the middle of farm country.
Apparently, this event has been happening once a year, for many years, on Memorial Day
weekend.  This was my first visit, and it was so interesting that I wanted to share it with all
of you.  Please join me at this sale, via these few pictures;

The day was gorgeous!  There were many rooms, in the barns and in the house, filled with
treasures, some very old and some newer.  The one thing that was constant, was the low
prices, and the creativity of the farm folk who hosted it.

The family dog was soaking up the afternoon sun, while taking in the activity surrounding the sale.

One of the ladies who hosted the sale, along with her daughter, planted all these small herb
gardens, using any old container they could find.  I could smell hints of fresh basil as I
walked through their collections of planters.

Beside the barn, I observed this farmer raking the hay field, totally oblivious to the crowds of
people visiting the sale.  Honestly, I felt like I had stepped back into another time in history.
These hard working people live a unique lifestyle in the midst of the 21st century.

Tables were filled with crystal and pretty flowered china dishes.

Other tables had piles of linens, some done with counted cross stitching, some with
knitted pieces, and many done with quilting.  I thought of the hours and hours of time
these women put into masterpieces such as these.  Without televisions, the internet, and
phones, they spend their time in other ways.

This particular old comforter or quilt, with some frayed edges, was priced at $ 1.00.

 I smiled as I passed the wooden crate with this little guy.  I wondered what his history

Old agate and tin pots were filled with vibrant colored plantings.

As I got in my car I was captivated by the scene I saw up the road.  This farmer was transporting a huge pile of flattened cardboard boxes.  What a fascinating sight! 

I watched the wagon and boxes slowly make it's way into the driveway of the farm across
the street from where I was parked.

The hour I spent at this barn sale certainly proved to be a worthwhile adventure for me.
As I reflected back over my visit, I thought to myself. This is one of the many freedoms
allotted to us in America, that people can choose to live a lifestyle like this.
For some reason, I thought you all might enjoy sharing this visit with me, although I
do wish you could visit it all in person.

I close this post by sharing the old wooden shutter I saw painted with these words.  My wish
for each of you, is that you might have this simple pleasure too.

Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Early this morning.............

and, again, eight hours later.......  my first Peony of the Spring season. 

 I could not help myself, I just had to cut the first blooms.
There is just something about these soft pink, fragrant blooms, that
lift my spirits and bring me a smile.  So clearly I remember, all that 
remained last Fall were the brown stalks. But then they come back.
Did you know that Peonies live long, and successful lives?
In China, there are 300 year old bushes that continue to
bloom year after year, every Spring?

And then, because all the Spirea bushes were blooming, I just had to cut some of them, and
add them to the pink blooms.  A simple, pretty bouquet now graces my kitchen table.  Makes me
love the Springtime of the year!

Two patriotic desserts that my nieces brought to last year's Memorial Day party.

However you choose to express your patriotism is fine, as long as it is expressed.
Freedom is a gift, and those who fought for it, and those who continue to, are thanked
and remembered this weekend.

I personally am so thankful for our America!

My nephew and his wife being honored recently, by a "Quilt of Valor" for his years of
service in the United States Army.
He recently had the honor of being promoted to "Captain". 
We appreciate him and his loyal service greatly.

Happy Memorial Day to each one of you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Like I have mentioned many times before, the title of this blog, confirms the purpose
of my blog.

This white bag of bird feed, was hung on the tree outside my mother's porch recently,
and it seems to attract more birds than before.  Yesterday, I captured this picture.

Today, I share with you, just a few highlights of the last week.  In some way,
I hope to add a touch of beauty and a smile to your Wednesday, through your visit

On our way to the local bakery in the country, that includes a playground and some
friendly, little animals, we passed this colorful tree, standing alone by the
side of the road.

The goats immediately offered a greeting to the three children, and they were thrilled.

One could easily surmise that these goats were conditioned to receiving the feed, that one
purchased from the quarter infused glass containers nearby.

I ask you, how does a grandma say, "no"?  "No" to the grandchildren, or to these cute little faces?
Three quarters provided happiness on both sides of the wire fence:)

Many memories have been created by our visits to this special place in the country.  It offers
a clean, beautiful setting, a fun and unique playground, and lots of happy animals to interact

Wishing each one of you, a special "Memorial Day" weekend!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  This blog gratefully honors all those who serve
so faithfully serve our country, in the United States military.  Our freedom is more of a gift
to me, than ever, in this country of ours.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


After the rain, came a beautiful, sunny weekend.
The grass is greener, the blossoms are bursting forth.
The sky seems bluer.

Later last evening two little guests arrived for the weekend. 

Saturday morning we walked through our neighborhood and visited the many garage sales
taking place here.  We made two fun purchases that I will share sometime with you, if
I consider it even the least bit newsworthy.

When we got home, our granddaughter wanted to bake in the kitchen, and time was
available to do so.

She decided on mini brownies.  She chose the pan, and the process began.

As always she took the process seriously, stirring with one hand and holding the bowl with the
other, maintaining her upmost concentration:)

After the tiny brownies were baked, we learned how to add a touch of icing to each one.
I must admit that by this time, we were both covered with chocolate icing.

 We went and picked the white violas in the garden, and then washed and dried each
one thoroughly.

Place one brownie on the plate, add one small dollop of icing, and then place the delicate
white flower in the middle of each tiny creation.

The tinges of pride were growing, with each word of praise offered.

Togetherness in the kitchen...what could be better!

But in the end, she was willing to take full credit.  A major accomplishment on a Saturday
morning in May, for this little one.
One box of brownie mix made all of these delicacies.
Thankfully, they will freeze well for another occasion.
I am so grateful for rare moments like these.
"For flowers, for seashells,
for art, for music,
for birds, for dogs,
for ducks, for geese,
for water, for air,
for sky, for stars,
for sunshine, for earth,
for grass, for food,
for drink, for laughter,
for affection, for my friends,
for my family, for my parents,
for my children, for my beloved husband,
for my life,
thank you God...even if it's only a loan."
~Joan Bel Geddes
"Are You Listening God"?
Wishing you joy this weekend!


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