Monday, May 30, 2016

It was Sunday afternoon at a local, small town park.  

Our son-in-law, daughter, their children, we, their grandparents, and their great-grandmother.

We included touches on the table setting,  reflecting our patriotism.  We personally expressed our
gratitude to our son-in-law for his service in the United States Coast Guard.

We were happy to have fresh fruit at our table.  It makes any picnic better.

There were moments where the oldest, reached out to the younger ones.

And times where the older ones spent time playing baseball with the younger ones, in the big
open lawn.

They are growing up so quickly.

Three generations on one picnic bench.

We watched as another group of friends, created fun and laughter, at the nearby "old watering

While three young men strolled through the park on horseback.  It all gave a new definition
to the meaning of "the good old summertime."

We walked through the old wooden bridge, on the stone trail behind the picnic area.  The girls and I talked about what poison ivy looked like, and how they might find snakes on the huge piles
of rocks, by the side of the trail.

We observed various forms of transportation and lifestyles at the park, on this hot, sunny afternoon.  What a fun way to celebrate in simple fashion, the Memorial Day weekend.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

She chose a simple glass bowl.  She added a few clear pebbles, and some water to cover
them.  She added fresh flowers, mostly from her garden.  She gave it to me as a gift.  I
placed it on my kitchen island, and I got to enjoy it for several days.  I thought I had to
share it with you, because of it's simplicity and beauty.

I liked her chose of flowers, colors, and textures.
This week, I threw the flowers away, washed the bowl, and tackled my way of arranging

I wished for her skills, but I did the best I could with what was growing in my garden.

I added a glass votive with a candle.  With the pebbles and water in the bottom of the bowl, it
is easy to arrange the flowers.  Maybe you have a glass bowl, some fresh flowers, and you'd
like to dress up your table.

Last weekend, We visited a chocolate/gift shop.  On the porch of the shop, they had a display of
these adorable fairy gardens.

So creatively done!  I liked how this one was arranged in an old agate roaster.

We walked past a row of the sweetest, most fragrant lilacs ever!  I learned that they were
miniature "Miss Kim" lilacs.  I wanted to pull up a chair, sit there on the sidewalk, for the
rest of the afternoon, and take in the aroma.

We remarked about this display of planted flowers, in old crocks.  I am sure it will look
even better when the flowers start cascading down over the crocks. 

Last of all, do any of you know what type of glass goblet this is?  My Mother had this in her
glass collection, and we don't know where she got it, or what type of glass it is.  I set a
battery operated tea light in it, and I think it is so pretty.

Once again, nature is putting on a beautiful display of it's finest flowers.  Here are just a
few ways they can be showcased this Spring.

Thank you for stopping by.   Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CHANGE...I am finding it everywhere in daily life.  In fact, it is an inevitable part of each
moment of our lives.

Sometimes, it is change that goes backwards.  I found that in the appliance section of a huge
hardware store that I visited recently, on an out of state visit.  I walked into the beautifully
displayed section of the store, where the retro appliances filled the room.  Immediately,
my friends and I were drawn to examine each piece.  A great example of the old brought
back, in brand new, colorful fashion.  We could not help but imagine how these cook stoves
could be the focal point of any kitchen d├ęcor.

Features that our grandmas could only have dreamt of, in their day.

We were impressed with the attention to detail on every appliance.  Yes, this is an
illustration in part, of time seeming to go backwards.

We observed that even the transportation in some parts of the country, seems to go
back in time.  Back to a slower, simpler time of life in America.

Speaking of times past, I discovered one of my favorite pictures from thirty some years ago,
recently, as I was cleaning out my cupboards.  Every time I see the picture, it makes me smile
at the memory of that evening spent with our middle daughter and her adorable cousin, a long
time ago.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I received this picture from the same daughter.  Same two
girls, who are now both young mothers to their own little ones.  How did it happen so quickly?
As I stared at the picture above and this one, I was reminded again, that time continually
is filled with change.

Change...sometimes I like it, and oftentimes, I find it unsettling.  At times, the speed of the
change leaves me with a sense of wanting to slow it all down, or stopping it for a while.

One thing I would not wish to change, is the way each Spring, these gorgeous white peonies,
grace my flower bed.  Without fanfare, and often faster than I can keep up with, they
appear in all their glory.  Oh, how thankful I am for this season, and that change does not
happen with their reappearing each year.

The most comforting of all thoughts on change, I found in the Bible recently.  It was in
Malachi 3:6, "I the Lord, do not change."  Each sunrise, sunset, rainbow, and bouquet of
peonies, convinces me that this is true. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It was while I was walking in the back parking lot of our country church recently, that I saw her.
She was so camouflaged, that I almost walked right past her.  When I stopped and stared at
her, I saw her pretty little brown and white, striped body sitting so peacefully on her eggs.

I didn't dare get too close to her, and yet, as I walked nearby to take her picture, she did not
move.  My husband informed me that she was a "killdeer" bird, and interestingly, this bird
chooses to lay her eggs in open parking lots or fields.  I briefly researched facts on the
"killdeer", because I knew so little about them.  Here is a bit of what I read;

"You sometimes see an adult killdeer in gravel, such as along a rocky railroad easement, or on
a dirt road.  As you approach, the killdeer may suddenly develop a broken wing.  It struggles
in front of you, as if it can barely walk, let alone fly.  One or both wings drag pitifully on
the ground.

If your instinct to rescue the killdeer overcomes you, and you try to catch the bird, it almost
lets you reach out and pick it up.  But, somehow, while struggling to keep its balance, the
killdeer manages to stay one step ahead of you.  As you pursue it, the killdeer leads you
farther and farther away from its four downy killdeer babies crouching on the ground or
half hidden under a tiny bush.

When the killdeer feels that the young are safe from you, its broken wing heals suddenly,
and the bird flies away, calling a loud "KILL-DEE" that sounds like a jeer.

After you've been fooled a time or two by the broken wing display, you don't give the
deceiving adult killdeer a second glance.  Immediately, you look around for the killdeer
babies.  You may see one disappearing into the grass or flattening itself on the ground and


As I thought through these most interesting facts, my mind went to a recent visit
that I made to our local Barnes & Nobel Store.  As I was walking from the back
of the store, to the front check out section, I passed a large section of books labeled,
"Parenting".  I stopped and stared at the plethora of books on mothering, parenting,
schooling, nursing...  I was instantly reminded of the fact, that way back, when
I was a young mother, I did not have access to ALL this advice, ideas, and
medical suggestions.  No, I tackled my new mothering tasks, one day at a time,
doing what I had learned from many of the women who had done it all before me.
Now, I am not saying that my way was better.  Neither am I saying that the vast
amount of informative books are wrong.  But, I do think, we live in an
"information overload" time of life.  So much freely given advice to young mothers,
so many strongly felt opinions about how to do things, when to do them, and
why they should be done.
My mind went to the almost hidden killdeer on the church parking lot. I
thought about the amazing way, mothering were instilled into her being.
Who taught her "parenting skills"?  How did she learn the "broken
wing" display as the clever way to keep predators away from her eggs,
and then her young?  Where did she learn to produce the loud "KILL-DEE"
jeering sound that she calls out, as she continues her protective endeavors?
Just a few thoughts, that followed my encounter with the brown and
white striped killdeer, with the bright eyes, sitting quietly on my church parking lot.
Thank you for stopping by. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

It rained most every day this past week.

 It seemed like endless rain.

So, I bought this cute pack of flower picks at my local Marshall's Store.

I baked delicious orange crunch muffins.

And, I put the two of them together, and made a special Mother's Day gift for someone.

Then, yesterday the sun came out, and it was a gorgeous day!  The landscape seemed to come alive.
All that rain, and then the sun.  I cannot take in all the beauty that I see everywhere.

Today, I am so thankful for these three special blessings in my life.  This picture is many years
old, but when I saw it yesterday, I could not help but share it with you.  My three precious
daughters, who continue to bring me so much joy and adventure:).

It was a quiet lunch time for my husband and me.  To celebrate Mother's Day, in our simple
fashion, we splurged on one of our new favorite desserts.

"Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato" by Breyers.  It states on the container that it is, cheesecake gelato
with a luscious raspberry sauce and gourmet graham crumble. 

I can't express to you how delicious this is!  Generally, I am not a huge gelato fan, but this new
product is amazing!  And, just in case you wish to try it, and don't care for this flavor, there  is
also "chocolate hazelnut" and "tiramisu".

A perfect Mother's Day treat for us.  The sun is shining.  So much to be thankful for today,
despite the fact that I really miss my Mother.  First year in 62 years, that I did not get to wish
her a "Happy Mother's Day"!  I know for a fact, that many of you are in the same shoes today.
Maybe a dish of raspberry cheesecake gelato will help:).

Thank you, dear Mother, for a lifetime of memories that you gave to me.  I thank God for those
memories today.

And, I want to thank each of you for stopping by. 


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