Thursday, October 2, 2008

As They Face the Future...

I discovered them contentedly staring out the window, as I walked into the room. Quietly, I observed them. As I stood there watching, many thoughts entered my mind. What about their future? What all will they face? What will the world be like as they grow up? Deep down inside, an unsettled fear was stirring within me. In the stillness of the moment, something I had read and reread over the last few months, came into my mind. A calmness and a reassurance came over me, as I was reminded of the fact that they will not face it alone. The same God who has lead me through my years...will lead them. I read this piece in an outdated calender.

"Today there is a Warrior protecting you...a Shepherd leading you...a Counselor instructing you...a High Priest representing you...a Comforter encouraging you...and a Father loving you"! written by Roy Lessin How comforting this reminder was to me, for them. With this promise, they can run, play, grow and learn in peace, despite all that is taking place in the world around them.

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Jeane` said...

...As we know, a grandmother's prayers are vital and more important than we can percieve. THANK YOU for your prayers and for loving your little grandchildren.

We love you!
PS. Great picture of you and dad!


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