Monday, June 30, 2014

Last evening, we gathered around the kitchen table, to celebrate a special birthday.

Seven years old, is a happening worthy of celebration.

Centerpiece...a few bunches of faux flowers that I found at Michael's Store, 50% off.
I put pink tissue into a glass candy dish, added the flowers, and two pinwheels.
Pastel colored flower light strand...the Dollar General.  Pink frame...dollar bins
at Michael's.  Birthday banner...from the laundry cupboard and has been used over
and over again.

Tiny lip gloss ice cream parfaits for the little girls.

A simple, fun celebration, which was most special because of time spent together.

After a hot, busy day, the youngest of the family, had trouble staying awake for the dinner.

Two packs of colorful disposable cups from Michael's, served as the flower pots.
Bottom layer, brownie crumbs.  Next layer...softened vanilla ice cream.  I cut straws into
pieces and placed a piece into the layer of ice cream and crumbs. Top layer...crushed
Oreo cookies.  Cut a flower and leaf stem from clump of flowers, and placed down
through the straw.  Butterflies were from a sheet of stickers, and stuck onto the side
of each cup.

I made these little flower pots ahead of time and placed, covered in the freezer,
on a big white tray.
I removed them a few minutes ahead of serving time, and then added a few
birthday candles to the pots.

Ice cream would be her choice of desserts, and so this version of a cake worked for
her.  What a blessing her life is to all of us.

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember my old, wooden spools of thread from a post years ago?  Spools from the
days when my mother made our clothing, as children.  Well, they continue to provide
fun for our grandchildren, although I must admit, I do try to keep them from pulling them
out of my cupboard.  I cannot tell you how often I have unknowingly walked into thread
created spider webs, after they have been playing with them.

This week, out came the thread tin.  Quietly, our grandson was working.  He would
wind thread between two distant knobs, over and over again.  When he finally took
the thread off of the knobs, he came up with his own toupee piece.

Looking like the above piece which he placed on the kitchen island.
When I inquired as to what it was, he immediately placed it on his head.

I still smile every time I see this picture.  What ingenuity!  A toupee creation from thread.
I think he should market it.  He said that his grandpa could use it:)

Here he has it as a toupee with a pony tail.  Imagine that!  Not only could he eliminate
baldness, but he could offer ponytails too.

Or, how about an instant beard?  The stays at our home offer some interesting pastime.
I want them to expand their God given creativity.  Do you think it is working?
Does it make you look at thread differently?   I am sure it will never make the pages
of the "Family Fun" magazine, but for these children, it provided lots of laughter.

I had a card filled with felt mustaches from the dollar store.  They said, "they
all wanted to look like paw pa".  And, so they did:)

Simple happenings at our home this June.  Aren't you glad that you stopped by?

I close with this card that my sister sent to me.  I laughed so much when I received it, although
it does have a familiar ring to it.  There are times...

Happy Thursday to each one of you! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vibrant colored lilies are gracing the flower beds now, in this county.  Today, my uncle
took this picture on his daily walk.  I like that he shared it with me.  He knows how much
that means to me.

Ever since I started blogging, I have shared quite simple ways of creating gifts, whether
hostess gifts, birthday gifts, get well gifts, or just "thinking of you" gifts.  Giving is a
special part of my life, and fortunately, receiving is too.

I would not label myself, a baker.  I so admire those who do.  At times, I travel through blog
land, or visit family and friends, and believe me, some of you are certainly skilled bakers. 
I admire that so much!  Especially those of you who bake those amazing pies.
Me, I like, quick and simple, but, the taste must be more than mediocre, or the recipe falls by
the way side.  When I find a semi-store bought product, that has exceptional taste (according to
my husband and families taste ), then and only then, do I share it with you.  Today, I will
share a few products I found, and ways that I share them with others.

A few months ago, I discovered boxes of "Gorillas" in the frozen section of the grocery store. 
Because the design and words on the box caught my attention, I picked it up and read the words
on the box.  At that point, I liked the design, and I appreciated all that I read on the box...
...18 amazing cookies
...ready to bake hydrogenated oils or other junk:)  (it does say that)
...radiating goodness since 1999
...and so on.

So I bought two boxes to keep on hand in my freezer.  The chocolate chip variety, and the
oatmeal raisin with white chocolate chip variety.  At different times, I pulled a box out
of my freezer, and placed the eighteen small, already formed, frozen cookies on the cookie
sheet and baked them.  How easy is that!  My house smelled like I had been baking all
afternoon.  Is that deceptive?

I must tell you, that I received rave reviews when I served them, warm out of the oven
of course:)  Best way in my book!

Eighteen warm, fresh from the oven cookies.  I needed a hostess gift.  What should I do with
the cookies?  How shall I give them?

Remember that I liked the design of the box?  With my hole punch, I punched two holes on
the both sides of the box.  I took a piece of tan ribbon, placed through each hole and knotted
each side.  I placed an open Ziploc Slider bag inside the tissue, filled with a dozen cookies,
closed it, added another half sheet of white tissue.

My final step was to add a tag with my message on it.

Now it is ready to give.  A fun and easy gift, that has a cleverly designed box.

But, if you happen to be one that does not want to share already frozen,
ready to be baked cookies, and you prefer to make them from scratch, that is just
fine too.  I made the recipe inside the lid of my Quaker Oats box already,
and I know that it is a delicious recipe too.  So, if you want to make
these cookies for your needed gift, go right ahead and use this
recipe if you want.

If you need an idea for a container to give them, this might just help you.
It doesn't cost much, it is colorful, the recipient can throw it away when she is
finished serving the cookies.  Just an idea.  Don't forget the tag though.

Another recently found cookie mix.  Yes, I know it is a brownie mix, but up at the top,
it has a great cookie idea.  And, yes, my husband really likes the taste of these cookies

This has a few more steps, but it is just as quick.

Within a few minutes, you will pull yummy, soft chocolate, peanut butter cookies out of your
oven.  Let them cool, if they last that long:)

Repeat the steps for the ribbon, and bag, and place cookies in the empty box, along with
a tag.

Come to think of it though, just maybe, since it is swim suit weather, you might just want
to share a fresh bowl of fruit as a gift.  Maybe, you could carve a halved cantaloupe, fill
it with fresh, cut up fruit, and cover it with plastic.  Another pretty, great tasting gift!

You are all so kind to let me share ideas with you.  Someday, I might have something real
interesting to share, but for now, I continue on sharing...just a little something with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Good evening!
If you have been visiting this blog for any amount of time,
you are well aware of the fact that my life consists of numerous visits
to the farm.  Various farms for various reasons.  The visits are always
most memorable, and the beauty and interesting way of life on each
and every farm, often leads me to share my visit with you.  I do spend
time with family and friends that don't live on farms, and those visits are
every bit as good, but for some reason, life on the farm offers a certain amount
of intrigue and curiosity that always leads me to pull out my camera.
Today, was our annual church picnic, and it was hosted again by
one of our church families.  The family have lived on the
large, sprawling tree farm for many years, and the farm itself has
been in their family for much longer.

We know we are getting closer when we drive over the old, metal bridge.

Today's weather was what everyone wished for.  Upon arrival, one immediately feels welcomed.

A week ago, the son of the owners, got married.  Here is the newly married, radiant couple. 
Certain parts of the weekend celebration, were hosted on this farm.  The bride's colors in the wedding, were purple, lavender, and white.
Hence, every flower bed on the grounds, were planted with coordinating colored flowers.
What a great idea, and what a kind gesture to their new daughter-in-law.

I liked how they used a very old stove, to hold some brilliantly colored flowers.
The purple Clematis, was overflowing with blooms.

Purple and white colors were everywhere.

Including purple sugar on the pretzel sticks, on the food table.
We held our church service right by the old farm porch, and some sat on the wooden
log benches that the owner built.  Another brilliant idea!
Here the song "Amazing Grace", filled the morning air.  What a perfect location
to gather for worship, in the midst of God's beautiful creation.

The hostess has a magical touch when it comes to growing white hydrangeas.  When I stood by
the old stone wall taking this picture, I didn't want to move.  The silence of the hills, the blue
sky, and the abundance of pure white blooms, was breathtaking!

The owner built this small, quaint building to use as his office, and the headquarters for
the Christmas tree business.  Using all old wood, it looks like it has been there for years.

He also built this frame and wire structure to house the blueberry bushes.  They are
fifteen years old, and continually produce many boxes of blueberries.  The wire allows
the bees to enter and pollinate the flowers, and keeps the birds out.

 Apple, pear, walnut, and peach trees grew in abundance. 

There were beds of strawberries...

...and carrots.


Fresh ripe, sweet watermelon.

A pretty tray of freshly baked donuts.

Along with freshly squeezed lemonade, iced tea, and good old spring water, offered thirst
quenching refreshment.

But best of all, the company of friends who gathered together, to sit and visit with each other.

All this, on the grounds of a lovely tree farm in the country.

Thanks for stopping by this evening.  I hope you enjoyed another farm visit with me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Here is where I want to be right now.  I am not sure where it is, but it was sent to me from my
Uncle today.  I want to be sitting here with some fun people, with some iced cold lemonade,
maybe a bowl of popcorn, and lots of uninterrupted hours of talking, laughing and walking
the beach together

But instead... I am home right now.  I just watered the fern at my front door.  I am a bit proud of it,
because it seems to be growing beautifully and that is a rarity for me, really it is!

We just got back from our trip to the airport, to drop off our daughter, son-in-law, and
precious little guy.  "Goodbyes" are so difficult.  In the few days we spent with our
grandson, he has again stolen our hearts, like he did when we were with him at 1 week

The peonies are gone.  The forget-me-nots have shriveled and the pansies seem a bit wilted.
Ninety degree temps do that to Spring flowers, and that is what we have been having lately.

But, I saw that my daisies are almost ready to bloom.  There are lots of buds, and I look
forward to seeing all their smiling faces.  Like wise King Solomon said, "there is a time for
everything."  So, this evening, I am treasuring the memories of our time with loved ones,
and the beauty of flowers that were.

A few yellow flowers for you, just for stopping by.  Thank you!  And, if you recently
said goodbye to someone you love, I feel your sadness tonight.


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