Monday, October 20, 2008

A Sunday Evening" Unexpected" Blessing

I have reminded all of you, that this is my very favorite time of the year. Because of that, I loved the beautiful drive that we took last evening. We stopped in to see some real good friends of my husband's family. As we drove up the wooded lane to their home, I could not take in ALL of the beauty. The sun created a tapestry in front of me that I could not begin to describe.The colored leaves, the sun's rays, the well-kept pond and the stillness of the woods...made me never want to leave. The dear couple were so gracious during our short, and unannounced visit. Their kindness and their hospitality made us realize again, how valuable friendships are, even if visits are few and far between.
Imagine my surprise when the lady of the house took me in and proudly showed me her husband's amazing artistic ability, to carve the Indians out of tree trunks. Such detail and skill, totally impressed me. I was unaware of the talent of this man, even though I have known of him for a long time. He was a childhood friend of my late, wonderful father-in-law.
Within a short amount of time, we said our good-byes and drove out of the peaceful wooded haven. I thought about our visit many times since then, and was reminded of our short life is, and how unexpected little blessings along the journey, can add joy to each day.

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Landis said...

Hello Mrs. Martin!

This is Janelle! ...formally Vitto :) Just wanted to drop by and say I'm a biiig fan of your blog. I've tried quite a few of your recipes and gift ideas. They've all been fabulous! ...even though mine usually don't look as pretty as yours. :) You have an awesome gift!

Do you take any requests? Fall happens to be my favorite time of year but wow does it get busy! This next week is a pretty busy one. I need to refresh my recipe book with a new yet quick "fallish" meal. Would you happen to have one up your sleeve? :)

Miss you and the Salem Family!
Love, Janelle


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