Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Each Christmas since I received them, I open the box where they are stored, and
place them in a chosen location.  They are an array of homemade Christmas
trees that one of my gifted friends made.  This year, I decided to place
them on my fireplace mantel.

I mixed them in with the tiny white lights and faux evergreens, and thought I would
share the look with you.

Each white tree has a different design, and has it's own beauty.  This is one of my

Last year I saw this idea for a homemade gift, and saved it. 
I have always been a promoter of homemade gifts.  They speak
to my heart.  The fact that someone thought of me, and then took the time
to share that thought in a special way. 
In my role of grandma, I have tried to instill that concept to my
grandchildren, and so you can imagine how thrilled I was when
my daughter sent these pictures to me recently.

She wanted to make a birthday gift for her friend who lived up the street.  In her
mind, she pictured the idea of making a night light gift.  She cut the greens,
placed them in a jar,  and then added a tiny strand of colored lights from the
local store dollar bin.

You can see that she was quite pleased with her completed gift.  And, like I also
believe to be so important, she wrote out the words of her heart, onto a card for
her little friend.  How sweet!

Today, that dear friend, can look at the pretty nightlight by her bed, and
know that someone loves her.  
So, this holiday season, remember, it is the thought that counts.
Homemade gifts can come in so many varieties.  Gifts of time,
gifts from the kitchen, from the garden, or simply a card with words
that express your heart thoughts.
Here is a gift for you today...

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As the special holiday that we know as "Thanksgiving Day" approaches, I want to take this
time to wish each one of you some meaningful moments in the weekend ahead.

Some years, it is easier to count one's blessings than others, but hopefully, you will take
the time to find the gifts that you have been given this year.

Even if your family cannot be together this holiday, you can still reflect on the
gratitude that comes from having family.  This is my dear Mother-in-Law and
her children(except our one brother-in-law), who enjoyed a rare visit together,
a few weeks ago.  She has mentioned since then, how much that time meant to

Oh, and by the way, if during the holidays, when the weather might not permit outdoor
play, you just may want to pull out the big roll of Reynold's Wrap.  It remains one
of our grandchildren's favorite ways to pass time.  Here we had a contest recently.
Who would produce the winning design?

Each child was given a long piece of foil, and then the timer was set.

Simple, inexpensive, and endless ideas are what they come up with:).

Yes, here are a pair of slippers, and she actually wore them afterwards.

I have to come up with lots of ideas, and the older these children become,
the more I work on having that happen.
I know I posted the foil post before, but I do it again, in case you need an
idea this Thanksgiving.  Yesterday, the five children were
here, and once again, the request for foil designing came up.
I guess this would come under the category of living simply
in our complex world.
I am also grateful today, for all of you, and the endless blogs filled with
beauty, any time I want to visit them.  You add inspiration and joy
to my daily life.
Thank you!
I read an article recently, stating the health benefit of getting enough sleep.  It
said that Americans do not realize the importance of getting a good night's sleep.
So, I hope that maybe on this holiday weekend, you might be able to
catch a nap or two.  I love a good nap!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Saturday evening, the candles were lit, and we were looking forward to
welcoming our guests.  It was a small celebration for a special couple, honoring their
60th Wedding Anniversary.  What a gift for them, to have had 60 years together.

They invited a few of their family and friends to celebrate with them.

Wouldn't you agree with me, that they sure weathered married life beautifully!

We have attended the same church together, for many years.  We continue to learn
from them, as we watch them walk through life graciously together.

We wish them many more years on their journey together!

Happy Anniversary Frank and Carol!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Thanks to our friend Dan, we were told about a great location to watch the rising of last
evening's super moon.  We were there when it appeared, and we watched in
amazement, as it began it's rapid assent.

And, as the darkness began to set in, the scene became more beautiful!  The countryside
started to light up, and seemed to come alive.

I could not believe how close my zoom lens, brought the super moon!  We were
spellbound!  The first super moon since 1948.

I looked down for a moment, and this is what I saw on my left, a garden of blooming

And, on the road below me, on my right side, this is the sight I saw.  A lone horseman,
slowly taking in the super moon in his own style:).

From the same location on the hill, where we were observing the rising of the moon,
I turned around and saw the most magnificent sunset.  All of these pictures were
captured from the same location.   Breathtaking beauty!
A memorable gift from God, on a Sunday evening in November.

Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It is a gorgeous Fall day!  I go to my pantry and pull out a can of pumpkin.  It is time to
make my annual pumpkin bread, and I look forward to the aroma of that process,
filling my home.

I pull out my weathered and marked up recipe book, from my kitchen shelf.  I
don't know this lady on a personal basis, but to some I know, she is "Aunt Lorraine". 
What I do know, is that she is one very gifted cook, baker and artist!  Every single
recipe that I have tried from her book, over the years, has been a winner!  The pages
where I find those recipes, are all earmarked.  Thank you Aunt Lorraine, for sharing
your skills with so many.  Thank you to all of those out there, who so kindly take
the time to share your recipes with the world.  Whether it is through lovely,
colorful books, or through pages in a magazine, or on the internet.  What a gift it
is for all of us!

Here it is!  The yearly, delicious recipe from "Aunt Lorraine".  Simple, moist, delicious,
and trustworthy.  It also freezes well, if it ever lasts that long.

Dry ingredients in one bowl.

Wet ingredients in the other bowl.  Then you combine the two, stir until well mixed, but
not overmixed.

Place batter in whatever type pans you wish.  I was given this pretty decorative pan from
Williams and Sonoma, as a gift.  I sprayed it with coconut oil Pam, filled each cavity
3/4 full, and baked.

When cool, I flipped them out on the pan.  What fun to see their individual shapes.
I used my powdered sugar shaker and dusted each little cake with it.

A few months ago, I found a cylinder of four of these tiny, porcelain cupcake pedestals
at The Homegood's Store.  Four for 9.99.  Each little cakes fits perfectly on the plate.
I will use a clear cellophane bag to set each one in, and tie it at the top.  Perfect idea
for a gift.

A few weeks later, I found these four from the same company.  Once again, the four
were 9.99.  The company is Grace Tea Ware.  Every once in a while
I find them at Homegood's Store, or at Marshall's.

I think the design is clever and unique.

I also found this package of tiny ornaments, that I could tie on to the ribbon at
the top of each cellophane bag, using them as small Christmas gifts. 

A pedestal plate, a pumpkin muffin set on the plate, then placed in a cellophane
bag, and tied with a ribbon and ornament.  That is it for today.

Oh, and if you ever find a copy of "Aunt Lorraine's" cookbook, "In My Kitchen",
you might want to purchase it.  It is chocked full of goodies and her amazing
art work.

The leaves are continuing to bring color and beauty here.  I hope they are where you
live too.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

He made it quite clear, that he wanted to put on the boots.
This puts a whole new perspective on the concept of
"walk a mile in my shoes".
A worthwhile principal to keep in mind, as we interact with others today, and
hopefully, a smile for you as you begin your Thursday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Simple joys in the midst of everyday life.  Me...sitting on the wooden stool watching
the "pie queen" at work, while we carried on a conversation.

She peeled and precisely sliced the apples, then added the ingredients to
make the sauce, and poured it into her already made pie shell.

Already a masterpiece, and it is only in the beginning stages.  Conversation continues,
while she effortlessly continues working.

Next...the already put together crumb mixture, which she carefully pours from a plastic
bag, and pats the crumbs evenly over the entire pie, never missing a beat in our
conversation.  I must admit, this is quite impressive to me, because I am one who must
concentrate when putting together any recipe:).

All ready for the oven.  Well, almost...

She took a clean, white, strip of fabric, walked to the sink and wet it, and then
carefully laid it over the edges of the outside pie shell.  I had never seen anyone do
that and found it so interesting.  She said that her mother always did it with her pies,
and that it works better than aluminum foil.

Apparently, I was not the only one that was intrigued by this process.  I was starting
to see that each step in this pie making, was important.

One more step, after it was removed from the oven, she poured over a glaze, and
then let it sit and absorb.  I could not wait until it was time for me to cut a slice and eat it. 
Must admit, when we did finally get to eat it, we would all have agreed, it was truly
one of THE best apple pies that we have ever tasted!

I want to mention, that she told us the recipe was from her daughter-in-law's collection. 
We are grateful to her for her sharing the recipe, and so appreciative to our hostess for
making it!

Also we felt overwhelming gratitude for the magnificent beauty, that was on every
single mountain road we traveled on, this past weekend.  Fall grandeur on display,
warm, delicious apple pie from the oven, and meaningful conversations with friends,
was certainly a fun way to pass a Saturday in November.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Don't forget about your privilege and duty of
voting today.


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