Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Oh, So Fancy Dessert

"Pink Stuff"...the title given to this dessert in the cookbook. Actually, I was served this good tasting dessert, at one of my youngest daughters friend's home. Her mother said it was one of their family favorites. It is the dessert I chose to go with my simple shepherd pie recipe. The above picture includes everything needed to accomplish the task.

The recipe could not be easier! It calls for 2 cups of already made Jell-O,and 4 cups of vanilla ice cream. Mix in blender. Variation...use different flavored Jell-O.(maybe orange for Halloween). I poured it in disposable plastic cups, added the Cool Whip, and then because I am constantly in a decorating mode...I added some fruit flavored gummy snacks on each one.
I made one for each person and refrigerated them until serving time. It was a hit, even with the adults. As you can see, I certainly did not spend much time in the kitchen.

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