Thursday, June 30, 2016

They are in abundance this year.  We think it is because we pruned back our bushes and
trees that were growing around them, giving them more sunlight.  Like me, they thrive in the
sunlight:).  I am so thankful for the beauty they add to the landscape.  Every year without
fanfare, they arrive in the garden.

Did you know?

~Bees are the main pollinators of daisies.
~Name "daisy" originates from Anglo Saxon word "daes eage" which means "day's eyes".
  Daisy opens the flower at dawn and closes it at night (hence the name ).
~Daisy is rich source of Vitamin C.  It has a pleasant taste and it can be used as a part of
salads, soups and sandwiches.  Both flowers and leaves are edible.  ( I did not know this
fact.  I never served daisies on my salad.  Did you?)
~Juice extracted from daisies was used for wound healing in ancient Rome.
~Daisy is used in folk medicine (usually in the form of tea) to relieve cough, to improve
digestion and to slow bleeding.
~Daisy is a symbol of purity and innocence.

~Information taken from

One more interesting thing I read is that, Since the name daisy means "day's eye", and
refers to the way they close their petals in the evening and open them at dawn,
" it is the marking of a new day".

It is a new day today.  God gave us tiny miracles like daisies, to remind us that He loves
us.  It is easier to face the day, knowing that, despite what all the day ahead of you and me,

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last weekend, we headed for farm country, on our bikes.

It was a 24 hour break from the daily routines of life.   It included 8 friends who rarely see
each other, but relished the privilege of catching up with each other. 

There was time to rock on the back porch and discuss life as we are living it.

Catching up with friends is such a special gift, whether it is on wooden rockers...

...or by the fire pit at dusk.  Four sets of grandparents, from different walks of life, coming
together for a few brief hours.  It was encouragement and inspiration for each of us.

We crossed the road and visited the neighboring family's garden.  What a masterpiece those
gardens were!  With precision and skill, the lady of the home planted each and every vegetable
and flower.  We had never seen any gardens like it, and spent time inspecting it all.

We heard that marigolds keep the bugs away, and maybe the rabbits.  Do you know why she
placed the marigolds between the spring onions?  Maybe just to add color.  So clever!

The basil plant looked so healthy, that one could almost imagine the flavor that would add to
any dish.

Certainly not ordinary gardens.

We liked how she used this old wooden shutter.

She skillfully added color and design to every thing she planted around the old farmhouse.

Along with her gardening skills, this neighboring friend bakes all of her own bread.  Her she
shared a freshly baked loaf with the eight of us.  I can't tell you how much goodness that added
to our farm breakfast, along with my sister-in-law's superb gift of cooking.

 After breakfast, we continued our chatting, some of us in the water and some of us, in the
old metal boat.  You all know, we as women can talk anywhere.  We aren't limited by the
situations we find ourselves in, right?

Before saying our goodbyes and heading back home, we found time for a bit more conversation,
and sampling some amazing homemade molasses cookies, that our hostess specializes in baking.
They always bring smiles to those who eat them:).

We were all grateful to these two, for the privilege of this short, but fun getaway.

As I was doing this post, I thought to myself, that I wish there was a way that I could share one
of those molasses cookies with each one who visited my blog today.  I would love that, and
so would you:).

Since the purpose of my blog is to add a bit of joy and beauty to your day, I hope you liked
joining us in the country for these few minutes.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

These past few days, I've watched the most amazing cloud display from my backyard.

I stood mesmerized by the full moon that graced the night sky.

I got to see the newly created fire pit that our daughter and her family built, to share in
family and neighborhood night visits.

Including a painted wooden sign and pot of planted flowers.  I can't wait to sit by this fire,
with a cup of coffee and my grandchildren.

I served a dinner on my porch, most likely the last one I will serve on this porch, before our move.

I stood outside what had been my dear Mother's beloved screened in porch, and thought to myself,
that last summer, she had no idea that would be her last earthly summer to enjoy that beautiful

I spent time with my far away grandchildren for a few hours, when we drove the miles
to visit them.

I relished the moments with my daughter and this special little guy, who is the youngest
member of our family.

I tried not to think about how rare our visits are, and instead just took in every one
of his happy smiles.

I worked so hard at trying to capture a picture of the three siblings, and gave up when I saw
it was too difficult of an endeavor:)

And, I helped build some forts for two eager adventure seekers.

All of this, while I continued packing boxes, making decisions, and keeping in mind, my time

So, as you can see, blogging is on the back burner lately for me.  Not that I don't think about it,
and my friends here.  I do.  I miss you all.  Thanks for stopping back to visit, and for catching
up with me. 

I close with something I read recently on "Time";

"Take time to work-it is the price of success.
Take time to think-it is the source of power.
Take time to play-it is the secret of youth.
Take time to read-it is the foundation of knowledge.
Take time to worship-it is the highway of reverence.
Take time to help and enjoy friends-it is the source of happiness.
Take time to love-it is the one sacrament of life.
Take time to dream-it hitches the soul to the stars.
Take time to laugh-it is the music of the soul.
Take  time to pray-it helps bring Christ near."
~author unknown

Wishing you moments of time to do what you love to do, as you face a new and challenging
week ahead.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The comfortable, spotless home was located in the country.  We visited it on a warm, sunny
weekday afternoon.  We were a group of friends who met each week during the winter,
for Bible Studies.  This particular day, we met at a local Amish home for a luncheon.  The
hospitality we found here, by the warm, caring, gracious hostess and her daughters, was
most memorable.

The table was beautifully set, with fresh flowers from the gardens.

Oil lamps were placed down the center of the table, and fresh garden salads graced each
place setting.

And, oil lamps hung from the ceiling, lighting the basement room.

On a side table, many Lego creations, built by the young son, were displayed in colorful

Bookshelves were filled with favorite books, making it obvious that reading played a big role
in this family's lives.  Television was not to be found in the home.

Dresses from the weekend activities, were washed and air drying on the back porch.

Gardens were abounding on the property outside, so carefully tended, and organized.  Tin pie pans
were used to keep the birds away.

The abundant strawberry plants were filled with fruit, soon to be ripe and ready to eat.

Sugar peas were healthy and growing.

Interspersed with the vegetables in the gardens, were gorgeous, colorful flowers in bloom.

Laundry had been washed and hung out to dry, in the afternoon sun.  The children's scooters
were placed in individual parking spaces, ready for any needed transportation.

As we walked into the barn by the side of the home, we once again were impressed with the
detail and cleanliness found there. 

Unique looking turkeys roamed the barnyard, in somewhat proud fashion.  I must admit, their
black, white and red colors certainly caught our attention.

Inside the barn, the horses seemed to welcome each one of us.  It was obvious, that they were
used to having people around them.

As we pulled out the stone driveway, we were refreshed, inspired, and so grateful for the few hours
that we were privileged to spend, in this lovely home.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorites with you, including a cake, a sunset and baseball.

Recently, I thought I needed to take a dessert to a dinner that I was going to.  I heard
some friends talking about a cake that they baked, because it was in their Weight Watcher's plan.
They said it was light and delicious, and only took two ingredients.  My kind of dessert.
I looked it up and found it here;

One box of angel food cake and one can of crushed pineapple in the pineapple juice.  Mix
together and bake.  That simple!  I did go one step further and adding icing, where I mixed
Cool Whip and instant vanilla pudding.  I iced the cake after it was cool, and stored it in the

Our plans were changed at the last minute, so now I am left with a 9 x 13 inch cake
in my refrigerator.  My husband is so happy!  He keeps asking for it.
If you need a quick, refreshing dessert, here is one you might try.
Oh, and I brought in my first rose of the season, after a heavy rainstorm.
Isn't it beautiful?

Does this tempt you to make the cake?  I wish I could share some with you.

Here is a sign on my kitchen counter.  Makes me smile whenever I see it.

A sunset this week that caused me to stop at the side of the road and take this picture. 
Breathtaking beauty!

The first year of baseball for my grandson.  A fun and new adventure for us, to attend
his games and cheer him on.

Bubblegum and all:). 

At my niece's baby shower, there was a table full of different sizes of white onesies, paints
and markers, for each guest to decorate how they wished.

Here, one of my nieces paints a horse on her onesie, which fit in perfectly with the western
theme of the shower.

It was interesting to see the completed projects, from all ages.

The plastic tent added to the western d├ęcor of the shower, and was where we placed our
shower gifts for the expectant mother.

The beautiful Mother-to-be, her sister, and her good friends.

I close with one of the desserts at the baby shower.  It's artistry and taste were both exceptional!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in a few of the week's simple joys.


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