Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Small Ways to Lift Your Spirts

I needed a spirt lifter today. I needed to reach out , in a some small way to someone else in my life. There are times in each of our lives, when someone shared some small kindness with us, that was totally unexpected, but to this day, we remember what was done and who did it. My dear aunt created a beautiful counted cross-stitched framed quote, that I see each time that I walk into my family room. It says "kindness gives birth to kindness". What a good reminder. Here are a few simple ideas of ways to remind someone in your life, that "you care", whether it is a get well wish, a happy birthday, a thinking of you, or a hurting with you.

All of these gifts are from the "Dollar Tree" store. I found these 60 calorie extra dark chocolate sticks, by Hershey chocolate. There are 6 sticks in a package for 1.00. I put them in a clear glass votive holder and added a ribbon. A card with your sentiments on it...and it is ready to set on a co-workers desk, or by the bed of your teenage daughter, or on the front seat of your friend's car. Little gift...but warm wishes, especially for those in your life who are chocoholics.Here is another fun gift that I found today . Paperweights to customize. As you can see, I popped off the glass top, took out the round paper, traced it on a photo of one of my daughters as a little girl, then popped the glass back in. You can use any photo, or any saying. This also would be a way to cheer up someone, by just laying it somewhere that you know they will find it. Ways to make an ordinary moment, extraordinary. Think about sitting at your desk tomorrow, and finding a reminder from someone who cares about you. Wouldn't that lift your spirits?
Last, but not least, I found these yummy, fun straws today. They are to be used with a glass of milk. The one package of straws, is cookies and cream flavored straws. If the flavor of cookies and cream with ice cold milk sounds good to you, these will be worth trying. The other package is chocolately, crunchy tubes for milk-sippin' fun. They are cocoa krispies wafer straws, to drink with cold milk. I know my grandson would like these. It is not what you do for others, it is just that you take time to reach out to those in your life. Taking time, in little ways to say "I care". It truly is a spirit lifter for the one who reaches out, and the one who is reached out to, whether it is with a loving word, a thoughtful act, or a simple smile.

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Stacey said...

Judy, I'm going back through all of your posts labeled Gift Giving. I think I've done this before but you just have the best ideas!

One of my great friends just had a double mastectomy on Thursday. I'm looking for sweet ideas to take to her. :)


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