Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughtful Gestures From the Heart

One of my dear friends came to my home for dinner this week, carrying this beautiful Fall arrangement, that she had created. I marvel at her artistic ability to create with flowers, and have been blessed by that talent many times in my life. It looked so perfect on my kitchen counter.
I also appreciate the many different talents of" Susan Branch". Her book "Autumn" is one of my favorites. If you would like to see her website, it is Each year I pull it off the shelf and read through it's gorgeous pages. As I was reading through it the other day, I came upon this jar of "cinnamon sugar". It mentions her memories of being served cinnamon toast in tea parties, during her childhood. Immediately, it took me back to my memories of cinnamon toast and hot chocolate, that my mother served us during the cold winter months. I could almost taste it, in my memories. I always have a glass jar with cinnamon sugar sitting by my stove. I use it frequently while baking and on my toast.

Whenever I am scouring flee markets, I look for "Hosier jars '. I like to fill them with cinnamon sugar and give them as gifts. I have even found old salt shakers that I have used. There are many of these unique, inexpensive jars at flee markets and antique malls. When giving this as a gift, I include a note, reminding others of how their friendship adds a sweet seasoning, to my life. So, whether it is floral creations or jars of cinnamon sugar, it is the small gestures from the heart that often make my day.

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