Thursday, June 29, 2017


Today, this little one is 10 years old.  She is our oldest granddaughter.
This is one of my favorite pictures of her and her brother.  Because I was the oldest
girl in my own family, and because I was always taking care of my brothers and
sisters, she oftentimes reminds me of myself, in her care of her siblings.
Her ready smile and her somewhat quiet spirit, adds so much joy to our lives.

Watching her grow up into such a special young lady, continues to add
 fun and blessing to our lives.

Happy Birthday Dear Granddaughter!  We love you and pray for you everyday.

Monday, June 26, 2017


For years, I have been relying on this small red package of hot curlers, that I purchased
at a nearby drugstore.  On some of her many visits to my home, our little granddaughter
would watch me hurriedly place these hot curlers in my hair, then take them out,
brush my hair, and be ready for the day.  On one visit, she asked me to
curl her hair with them.  I did, and she was thrilled! 

Some months ago, her mother was going to be away for a few days, and she asked
me if I would come to their home and help my granddaughter curl her hair,
for a father/daughter dance as their church.  And, would I please bring my
hot curlers.  I was so happy to honor this request.  The evening of the dance,
we placed the hot curlers in her hair.  There is no set way of doing that.  We
did make sure that all her hair was included in the curlers.  Also, I do place
cotton balls under the curlers at her ears, as not to hurt her ears with the
heat initially.

Then, to keep them from falling out for the next 15 minutes, I tied a big scarf over
them to hold them in place.  This picture always makes me smile.  We waited and

Here is the finished hair style in all of it's simplicity.  I was so pleased at how it
turned out, but not near as happy as she was!

I placed the elastic band with the small rhinestones on it, at the
front of her hair, to keep the hair out of her eyes for the dance.

 I snapped this picture of her and her dad just before they left for the evening.  It is
a picture I will treasure for many years to come.

There are so many times that I use this compact set of hot curlers, that heat up rapidly,
and curl my hair with the same amount of speed, that I thought I would share them
with you .  You might be looking for a way to add body or a some curls to your
hair.  Or, who knows, maybe someday, you will be asked to help your granddaughter
get curls in her hair for a special event:)

It is Monday, and I am sure you don't have hot curlers on your mind today, but if you
ever see a compact set of hot curlers like these, you may consider the many ways
it could make your hair care easier.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday, late afternoon, on my way home.  The dark storm clouds rapidly filled the sky.
The winds were picking up so quickly.  I was amazed at how it was changing.  A sun filled
afternoon, suddenly turns stormy.

The wash hung on the line, despite the overcoming darkness.

I stopped to take pictures, despite the urge to drive home as fast as I could.

An ominous feel took over our county. Within minutes, the skies opened...

And the rains came.  Heavy rains and strong winds.   Isn't that how life is?  Things can
be going along just fine, and out of the blue, the storm clouds gather.

24 hours later...what a difference!  The sun fills the summer sky.  The white clouds billow
against the blue.  Life is so full of change. 

A picture perfect evening!

I captured these lovely farm scenes, on the back of the motorcycle last evening.  I could not
help but think of what a huge difference 24 hours made, on my two country drives.

Storms come and storms go in our lives.  Some last much longer than others, but they
are never endless.  The sun will come out again, and things will look brighter again.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Part of the reason why I was not posting for a long time, was because I have become
a fan of Instagram.  The reason for that, is because I can have a thought, see a scene
before me, try a new recipe, or discover an inspiring moment, and share it with one
picture and a few words.  But, through this new technical medium, I also realized that
with many of those sharing moments, I found myself stifled by not being able to share
a bit more than one picture and a few words:).  For you who know me personally,
you understand that at times, I can be quite wordy.

Blogging...will now be for me, a combination of blogging and Instagram.  I no
longer feel pressure to have a long, drawn out posts, unless I want to.  But, there will
be some short and to the point posts, with maybe only one picture with it.  That way,
I feel no pressure or time crunching when I do new posts.  If you like my changes,
great!  If not, you can stay with the Instagram way of sharing. 
I feel a new freedom now:).

A few weeks ago, I was hosting a milestone birthday dinner, with the honored
guest being an excellent florist.  Immediately, I felt the intimidation that can at
times show it's ugly head in my thought processes.  What to do to create a pretty
table, without trying to arrange a bouquets myself?  One day, while walking through
the garden section of my local Walmart Store, while looking for a flowers to plant
outside at my home, I discovered an abundance of sweet, miniature bright red and
white roses in small plastic pots. An idea hit me.  Buy them and replant them
in my crystal containers.  And, then, in the same garden center, I discovered tiny
red cactus plants to use as individual favors, tying in perfectly with my red and
white table theme.


I removed the miniature rose from the black plastic pot, and placed dirt and all, right
into three crystal candle holders that I have had for years.  Centerpiece complete.
Inexpensive and colorful!

I removed the individual, small red cactus and placed it in an old jelly jar that I had in
my cupboard.  Favors to send home with the women guests.  Chocolate for the men.
The three tall crystal cylinders on the table were purchased when I moved into our
home, at the Ross Store.

I then planted the few rose plants outside, after the dinner.  On Memorial Day, I
needed another centerpiece.  I pulled out a glass bowl from my closet, added some
water to the bottom of the bowl, placed a glass votive in the center, and then cut
some flowers from the garden, including a few of the tiny red roses.  So you see,
three rose plants can dress up more than one table.

Happy Monday to each  of you!

Friday, June 16, 2017


 Good Evening!  I know that I have been away for a long time.  You are so kind to stop back
and visit me again.  I wish we could sit on the porch and talk in person, but since that is
not possible, I will tell you with a few words and pictures, what has been consuming the
hours of my days.  I am still continuing to take pictures of the sights I encounter each and
every day.  A beautiful filter free farm country picture!

I was so blessed with the birth of another grandson in April.  He and his big brother
live a far distance away, and I am truly missing the growing up stages of their
lives, but I am so thankful for each and every visit.

My husband and I are continuing to treasure the visits we have with his dear
Mother and my Mother-in-Law.  At 87 years old, she could still beat the socks
off of me, in her beloved "games with friends", that she plays with many, on
the Kindle.

I had the privilege of attending two school plays during the last week
of school, for these two dear forth grade grandchildren.

I got to meet the newest little friend of our local grandchildren.  She has stolen all of
their hearts

Riding motorcycle continues to be a favorite pastime of my husband and me!  We thoroughly
treasure our times with many different riding friends.

I find it so enjoyable to spend time in my "new" backyard and discovering the flowers and
plants that grow there.  This Spring, the grass seemed extra green and the flowers extra

I spent lots of time praying for this sweet, brave, and much loved little girl.  She is
our nephew's daughter and has been walking the difficult journey of having a brain
tumor.  Her latest report was another good one and for that we are all most

Yesterday, I spent time with my middle daughter and her family.  Our visits are few
but always filled with laughter and fun.

Mustaches just seems to bring on the endless laughter.  The little guy was
thrilled that the sheet of stick-on mustaches from "The World Market Store", had a
white mustache just like his Paw Pa had.

And, like our last home, I thoroughly enjoy time spent reading on my quiet
porch.  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me here!  As always,
I only have ...just a little something to share with you.


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