Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Very Fashionable" Grandma's Apron

A month or so ago, I was having a lengthy talk with my sister-in-law. You see, we are now both empty nesters. We are at a point in our lives where we, like many of you, are looking for new direction, and new avenues of interest. She, my dear sister-in-law is one of the most talented, creative and skilled people that I know. Her mother is a seamstress, and passed the ability onto her daughter. For years she won awards in the local 4-H clubs, sewing beautiful outfits, modeling them in fashion shows, and receiving compliments every time she would wear them. The workmanship was always perfectly done. As her children were growing up, she made them clothing that resembled those purchased at expensive boutiques. As the children became teenagers, her sewing skills were put on the back burner. Soccer games, basketball games, transporting children, many parties of teenagers became the norm. Those years are past now. At this empty nest stage, I suggested that she should somehow, in some capacity, resume the sewing skills.

Both of us grew up with mothers and grandmas that wore aprons in the kitchen. Both of us love to bake, cook and have people to our homes for meals. I told her that she should create an apron that we would feel comfortable wearing for the evening, when having guests to our homes. Well...that conversation took place as I said, about a month or two ago. Last week I went to her home, only to discover that she had run with the idea...and did she ever run!! Look at these GORGEOUS aprons and matching tea towels that she created. I was speechless!! Who wouldn't want to wear one of these? The workmanship is so meticulously done, the colors are so perfectly coodinated, and the patterns that she chose(or in some cases made up on her own), are so very flattering! What would our Grandmas say if they saw these aprons? Oh, they would have been so very excited to wear something so beautiful.

I ordered these from her, and it just so happens that I am a black and white person. That is why I chose all of the black and white ones that she had made. She also made ten other ones that are equally as outstanding, in many different colors and patterns. Some vintage, some more contempory and some that resemble beautiful pastel sundresses. I cannot tell you how impressed and amazed I was when I visited her home last week and saw what she had produced in such a short amount of time. I will tell you now why I ordered the three aprons that I did. First of all, I wanted to be the one to give her the first order of aprons. I decided to use these for my three pay-it-forward gifts that I am committed to in this blogging world. These three aprons and the coodinating tea towels, will be sent out to the three women that I owe the pay-it-forward gifts to. She will be featuring these aprons in gift shops in our area, and I know for a fact that any women who gets one, will wear it proudly. "Aprons by Julia" came to be.


Tracy said...

I am squealing with delight! As I was reading your post, I was hoping at the end you would tell us how we could order one of those adorable aprons…but then to realize I would actually be receiving one!!! Wow! (I had to look back to be certain, because I was pretty sure I was one of your three pay-it-forwards… ) I'm positively THRILLED! = ) They’re all beautiful and I’m with you…black and white is so classic and these are so elegant!

How wonderful that you encouraged her to start sewing again…she has indeed run with her talent and could do quite well for herself by selling these. Creative, artistic talent certainly runs in your family!

Have a terrific day, my friend!

Shelley said...

These aprons are absolutely beautiful and so fashionable!!! Love them!!! You'll have to model one for us too!

Happy@Home said...

Talk about the POWER of suggestion. You made a wonderful suggestion and your sister-in-law made some wonderful aprons as a result. She did a beautiful job as they are all so pretty.

Stacey said...

How neat! Some of those aprons looks like they just need a cute little pair of sandals and they could be a sundress. Isn't it fun that aprons are so in style again?

I am beginning to understand the empty nest scenario. With one in college and one who is a junior in high school...I do wonder what comes next sometimes. Hmm, maybe some time with that man I married. :)

Anonymous said...

These aprons are just wonderful. Soo very pretty. I love the black and white too. I hope you have having a happy day ♥

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh yippee....I'm squealing with delight...just like Tracy! I cannot wait to receive mine as well!!

What a special gift she has...to create such adorable aprons!!!

Thanks for stopping by friend!! :-)

Barb said...

Judy, they are just wonderful. So special. I love the attention to detail. What a talent!


Connie said...

What pretty aprons and how true~they are "very fashionable grandma aprons". I love the ones you chose and would wear any of them. You will look very classy cooking in your new apron. Connie

Bethany said...

I saw your comment on my blog! I love reading your blog! love love love it!!!! thank you so much for all of your posts! you are wonderful and beautiful! I am so happy for Kimmy!!!! she seems like she's really excited about Minnesota! It is such a great place to live!!!! She is going to love it! I'm excited to hear about it! you can email me at
bethanymarty96@gmail.com say hi to your wonderful family from me...all of 'em! I love 'em all!!!

Elizabeth said...

Yippee!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!!! Nothing could be more perfect!!! I'm a huge apron fan. Even though I make them for gifts (not this cute though) I never make any for myself. I must start shopping NOW for flip flops to match. Thank you, thank you, thank you ahead of time!

Alison said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog through some other blogs that I visit. I think these aprons are so creative! What is the "pay it forward" thing you refer to in this post?
I just started a blog a few months ago that focuses on cooking techniques and recipes...if you are interested or looking for recipes, come visit! :)


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