Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recent Pastry Chef Creations

Just thought you all might enjoy seeing the temptations that I face on a weekly basis. This is what came home this week. She kindly took it out of the white box and set it on the kitchen counter. Now very FORTUNATELY, I do not posess a craving for sweets. If I did...all of you would have been watching a weight gain in progess during the last few months of my life.

Always, there is "the taste." Then we continue "the giveaway, "to all of our many new found friends. Chocolate friends out there...what do you think of this picture?

This is a decorative creation, made with Marzipan. The basket and the fruit are her first attempt at food art, used in decorating cakes, and other areas where real looking fruit, flowers, or whatever, is needed. I think it is well done for the first time.

Two weeks ago, this chocolate delicasy came home. The artfully designed chocolate creations on top, added a unique touch to this chocolate torte. Once again, this is something I've never attempted to add to any of my chocolate desserts. Do you???
Our daughter is becoming quite popular at her dad's office, where they are more than happy to help us deal with the trail of desserts that we find coming home from pastry chef school. Next week she tells me, will be the layered carrot that may be a problem for me, beings it is my favorite cake!


Marty said...

Did I understand you to say that you give those chocolate desserts to friends after 'the taste'? What does one do to make your friend list? =) I will need to wait for my heavenly body to not have a craving for sweets - namely chocolate. I'm hoping the delight of calories remains in heaven - just NO calories. =) What beautiful food. Surely the Lord smiles.

Shelley said...

They are just works of art - so beautiful and i'm sure so delicious!!

Judy said...

This is the right place to come for a little inspiration. What beautiful desserts! I'd have more trouble passing by a carrot cake than a chocolate one as well.

Sheryl said...


May I move in with you?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Everything looks absolutely delicous and beautiful too. I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth. I'm probably gaining weight as I type this LOL

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! They look amazing! It's a good things those lovely creations aren't sitting on my kitchen counter...I'd be in BIG trouble! She's doing so well! No doubt the carrot cake will be beautiful AND delicious! = )

cottage farm villa said...

Mmmmmmm....everything looks yummy.

Your daughters are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by the other day and leaving such a sweet comment. I am glad that you enjoy my blog pics since your daughter now lives in Texas!

You are lucky not to have a sweet tooth!

LisaShaw said...

O MY GOODNESS JUDY! I could just dive in but I think as I looked at these I gained 10 lbs!

lindsey said...

Wow what a clever daughter you have...these looks amazing!

Connie said...

Wow! I haven't had dessert yet..but now I have! Everything looks so good and I'll be glad to share a piece of carrot cake with ya next week. Connie


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