Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Saturday Morning Breakfast Favorite

This scrambled egg and cheese pita, is another one of our family favorites. It is quick, easy and delicious, especially if the bacon has prepared ahead of time. I brown a pound of bacon when I have extra time. I keep it in my freezer for times when I only need a few slices.

I keep packages of these pitas in my freezer. I remove the amount that I need, and lightly brush on light virgin olive oil.

I then scramble the eggs. I took four eggs, a tablespoon of water, and a tablespoon of sour cream and whipped it all together. This is always the way I make scrambled eggs, because I learned it from Paula Deen. They taste better this way. When they were almost finished, I added 1/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.

I took some slices of already browned bacon out of the freezer, and nuked it slightly. I sliced a tomato, added the scrambled eggs, and added a thin layer of light mayo to one half of the opened pita. I folded the pita in half, and returned the completed pita to the pan on stove. I browned each side slightly, removed to a plate, cut in half and secured with picks. We like the combination of eggs, bacon, cheese, mayo and tomato, on a lowfat pita. Breakfast is now over, and many jobs are waiting to be completed on this beautiful," almost" Spring, Saturday morning.


Tracy said...

Those look wonderful! I'll have to try that method for making scrambled eggs. I DID make your recipe for baked oatmeal this delicious! = )

Hubby and I are having one of those days we just can't seem to decide what to do with our day. It's in the high 60's but overcast and very windy here.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! = )

Stacey said...

That sounds so delicious. I've never heard the sour cream idea. I think you can't go wrong with that!

LisaShaw said...

Judy, you are so adding more lbs on me every time I visit with you (smile) (wink). I just can't seem to get my hand through the computer screen to pick up and take a small bite of your food. If you can figure out a way that I can do that please let me know.

I even try the scratch and sniff. I scratched the screen and sniffed but I couldn't partake soooooo

I'll just sit and stare at the photo for a few more minutes and just wonder how would have tasted (smile).

I'm off to the movies with my daughter. A rare thing as I'm not a huge movie goer but she wanted to see Madea goes to jail. I just love the Mommy/Daughter time. It's so nice that she still calls me Mommy at 16. I love it!

Love you Sweetie and have a wonderful Saturday!

Happy@Home said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe and tips on freezing bacon, Judy. That looks very tasty. I'm glad you are enjoying spring-like weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

Angela Stoltzfus said...

these look so YUMMY! thanks for sharing your scrambled egg secret!-i am going to try it. =)

Judy said...

Now this looks very good! Thanks for sharing Paula's tip for scrambling eggs as well. There's always something new and delicious to try over here.


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