Friday, March 20, 2009

My Collection of Tins

Many years ago on a visit out of state, I purchased a tin of mints at a gift shop. They had a picture on the top of the place that I was visiting. I thought to myself, that it would be a reminder to me of my visit, each time I would have a mint. That was the beginning. I never started out thinking I would collect tins, it just happened. Now years later, I find myself with this unique and very special collection of tins, from all over the world. Most of them are given to me by family and friends. This shelf is designated for the tins from institutions, states, resorts and countries. I am so very blessed by those in my life, who think of me in their travels and visits, by bringing a tin home for me. I am amazed at the number of small tins that have been produced in this country and abroad, creating a much bigger collection than I ever envisioned when I purchased my first tin of mints.

In my curio cabinet, I have the tins categorized in groupings. This shelf contains "The Disney" tins, the "Dilbert"tins, the"Mary Engelbeit" tins, the "Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat" tin, and other colorful and unusual tins.This shelf is reserved for the "old, and very old" tins. The "Schimmelpenninck" tin that held 20 cigars, the "Phillips' Milk of Magnesia" tablets, the tin that held" OXO" cubes(that were used to improve soups, gravies, and etc.... So many of the tins include stories with them that make them even more special. Like the little white "Good Food" tin, I found with a note laying on the mat at my front door one day. The note was from a friend that had visited our home a year or two ago, and he remembered my tin collection, when he found an old tin at his business, while cleaning out some desks. The note and the tin at my front door, were proof once again, that little acts of kindness, sure do make lasting impressions.

Yes, dear friends, sadly to say this is my acquired tin collection over the course of many years, thanks to all of my family and friends. I treasure each and every one...even the" Yip-Yap" tin of breath fresheners for dogs, from my counsin Jenni.


Stacey said...

What a fun collection! You have them displayed beautifully too. Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Wow...what a great collection! There were a few familiar looking tins there...especially among the 'old and really old'. I have one of those Sucrets tins...that I use to store odds & end pins.

Enjoy the first day of spring.

Happy@Home said...

Hi Judy,
What an interesting collection you have acquired and how nice that so many of your friends and family think of you on their travels.

I have a Sucrets tin too. When I first got married it contained my "coin collection". My husband who was a more serious coin collector still teases me about that one.

Happy Spring and have a wonderful weekend.

Barb said...

Judy, what an interesting collection. I never realized there were so many different kinds of tins and you have them displayed so beautifully.

Thanks for sharing with us.


lindsey said...

This is definitely have more tins in the US than we do in the UK!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness...what a fun collection! Love the way you have them displayed. Thanks for sharing this with us. = ) Happy Spring and have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection Judy! I love how you have them displayed. I hope you have a great weekend. Happy spring!


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