Thursday, March 5, 2009

Centerpiece and Favors For A Special Birthday Party

Many times over the years, I have received requests from family and friends, to create centerpieces and favors for special event parties. I really enjoy this type of thing, and find it quite challenging to create and color coordinate, while all the time trying to keep the price at a minimum. For the centerpiece of this particular party, I used one of my white ironstone pitchers. I filled it with real looking blue hydrangea stems that I found in the floral section of The Burlington Coat Factory. I would much prefer real hydrangeas, but this just is not the right time of year, especially if one is attempting to keep the cost low. I did consider it a compliment when the Birthday girl asked if I bought the hydrangeas at market that morning? I am amazed at how real looking some of the faux flowers are today. This party was held in a private room of a restaurant. The linen tablecloth was white, the napkins were a soft blue and white, which is why I went with this choice of centerpiece and favors. It was for 10 women. The birthday girl has a somewhat flambuoyant personality, and loves colors and flowers.

In my small bread pans, I baked loaves of chocolate chip, banana bread. I put each on in a clear cellophane bag, and then wrapped it in a white 100% cotten tea towel. I had purchased a pack of 10 tea towels one time at Marshalls, for $7.99. It was a great deal for such nice quality tea towels.

I took one of the hydrangea stems and cut it into small pieces. I wrapped the bread enclosed in cellophane, in a tea towel, wrapped the darker blue ribbon around it, added a small piece of the hydrangea flower, and a wallet sized photo of the birthday girl, that I glued onto a card tag. For this feature I took a flattering photograph of the birthday girl, scanned it into 10 wallet size photos. Sometimes I ask for baby photos and a recent photo and alternate those on the favors. I cut them up and glued them onto the tags, and tied it along with the flowers. The photos always add an indiviual touch to the favors. This was a simple, inexpensive way to add personalization and pizazz to a fun celebration for a special person.


Stacey said...

What fun ideas! I love the hydrangea centerpiece. There's nothing prettier in my opinion (real or not). I'm hoping mine bloom this year.

The little bread loaves are the cutest party favors. I'm going to try to remember that.

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum to that chocolate chip banana bread! I think I can smell it from here. ;o) Yummo!

Anonymous said...

Judy this is so beautiful! I can see why your friends and family ask you to help them out. I love the idea of putting the little loafs of bread into the favors. If I went to a party and recieved a favor so beautifully decorated as these I would be absolutely thrilled. The center peice is lovely too. You have a real talent :>)
p.s. I have two swings in my back yard :>)

Judy said...

You are just full of wonderful ideas. Great ideas...and so nicely decorated. I love hydrangeas!

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful! You are so creative!!!

Tracy said...

What great ideas! Love the way these turned out! I especially love that you chose blue hydrangeas! = )


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