Monday, March 9, 2009

Pens and Marbles

Thanks to the Dollar Tree, I now have this fun pen holder in my kitchen. Details for this are included below.

I had a jar of old marbles. I read that they work in holding pens and pencils. I used this glass container, filled it half full with marbles, and it served as an effective, vintage looking pen holder.

Another idea I tried, is to take a painted flower pot, add the marbles, decorate with a glued ribbon, flower and pearl and added the pens.

My dollar store purchase, which was made to help eliminate the inconvenience of needing a pen and not being able to locate one. I found this black and white picture holder at the Dollar Tree. I hot glued four marbles to the bottom of the holder. I cut out four photos and inserted them, glued a black and white dotted ribbon, and it was completed. This could also be a fun gift for a student or a friend at work. If photos were not available, you could use verses or quotes in each photo section. The colorful pens were purchased at the Dollar Tree, six in a pack. For some reason, when Spring arrives, I find myself on an organizational binge in my home.


Judy said...

You are just full of good ideas! I think I will borrow this one as well. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

Yet another great idea! Thanks for sharing this. (This is much cuter than the old mug I have on my desk that holds my pens.)

Spring has the same effect on me. I was organizing drawers, files and paperwork like crazy while I was recovering from my surgery.

Today, it's back to work! = )

Happy@Home said...

Your creativity seems to be endless, Judy. All of your ideas for storing pens are clever, but the last one takes the cake.

I feel the same way about spring and organizing. Thankfully I feel more energetic at this time of year too which helps me accomplish more cleaning :-)

Stacey said...

Those are great ideas. I love the addition of the colorful marbles.

It is time to clean and organize. Cleaning out is a great feeling!

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments Judy. You are right...I'm an organized type of girl. However, our taxes are calling my name and I've been ignoring them. Grrr...

amy said...

Very clever!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I have never thought to use marbles.

Shelley said...

So glad you shared this! Great idea with the marbles!!

Anonymous said...

I love these. What great ideas. It will be fun to do one of these with my little grandson Ryan :>)


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