Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Very Special Invitation

This week was the ending of the second semester of school at the Technical Institute that our daughter attends. As many of you know by now, she is studying to be a Pastry Chef. The students and faculty worked hours to prepare a "End of the Semester Tea" for the student's family and friends. Each student could invite two guests. Our daughter invited me and her Aunt(who everyone knows loves tea parties). Thanks to her camera skills, I can show you these fascinating photos. I must admit I found myself being totally impressed with the creativity and the artistic flair of each student. Individually, they chose which breads they would bake and which fillings they would make, for the varied selection of sandwiches. The sandwiches our daughter chose to make were, "Toasted Ham and Brie on White Bread". Delicious!!!(and not just because I am her mother).

Tiny crab cake sandwiches on bread baked by the students. The taste was exceptional...tarter sauce and all.

Pots of hot English Tea were served by the students, with white porcelain tea pots. I do think it was the first time that I remember being served tea by my youngest daughter. What an enjoyable experience. I also appreciated seeing her fellow students and chefs in this role.

Iron stands like this one, containing three separate plates with individually created desserts, were set on each table. What a treat!! Again, each dessert was chosen and baked by the students. Our daughter baked the tiny "Lemon Meringue Tartlets". Yes, my taste buds were excited once again. The "Tuxedo Cheesecakes" had such attention to detail on each one. The "Banana Foster Jalousie" was another favorite of mine.

Pictured above is our daughter and her Aunt, the one who taught her to appreciate "tea time" over the years.
I came away with a new admiration for the school, and their professionalism and skill, in teaching their students. I also came away knowing that I would not have to eat again for the remainder of my day.


Sheryl said...

Looks like a great time. I did not know that your daughter was going to be a pastry chef. Wow, how great to have your very own in your family!!

Judy said...

Thnaks for sharing your special time with us. The treats looked amazing...and now you have us all wanting to go out for tea! How neat that your daughter is soon to be a pastry chef. You will be enjoying fancy goodies all the time!

Stacey said...

What a great thing for all of you! Looks like a fun delicious time.

Shelley said...

How fun to have a pastry chef in the family! My mouth was watering looking at all those photos!! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy what fun! I just love tea parties. The food looks so delicious. You must be so proud of your daughter. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely day and tea experience.

LisaShaw said...

Love the photos! Obviously everyone had a wonderful time and I'm so glad. It's something sweet to enjoy being served by your baby girl and to sit and enjoy what she and her peers have prepared. What a treat!

Love ya.

Connie said...

I've been missing those delicious pictures of dessert your daughter was making! Yum! If all I ever had again was dessert...I'd be okay! Looks like she's doing well and you are enjoying too! I would be! Thanks for sharing and glad you ate some for me. Connie


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