Friday, February 13, 2009

A Selection Of Valentine Treats

In our fast paced world, we often do not take time to tell our family and friends , just how much they mean to us. Valentine's Day gives us an opportunity to do that by whatever means we may choose. It just so happens that in our family we had a birthday dinner for those with January and February birthdays, and we also had a Valentine Brunch for the aunts, and the neices that recently became mothers and their six small children. This skillfully created, decadent Strawberry Cake, was made by my "ever so talented" sister-in-law. Her oldest daughter created and added the chocolate hearts, making it an elegant, and so delicious Valentine masterpiece. My sister-in-law told me that the recipe is from Paula Deen's Magazine.

My other "so very talented" sister-in-law presented us with this beautiful Valentine Creation, along with the mouth watering apple pie, and an amazing oatmeal cake, that she baked and served. You see, when one has 25 - 30 people in one's family, it takes more than one dessert. What a labor of love these dear women did for all of us. The cheesy baked lasagna that she baked and served to us, was THE BEST! Maybe someday she will share her recipe with us.

This fresh fruit combination was served at the Valentine brunch. The topping that I used was a combination of light cool whip and lemon merinque light, Thick and Creamy Yoplait Yogurt. I topped it with a red gummy heart. The favors and the centerpiece was put together using three small pots of faux flowers from the DollarTree. The small white plastic bags were from Wilton. I found those on a clearance table some years ago. I added tissue, red and pink foiled chocolate hearts, some of the faux flowers and each person's name.

I added water(to give a real look to the flowers), and the flowers, to three small crystal containers that my daughter had purchased at an Estate sale last year. The three crystal candle holders I found at Ollie's last summer for 99 cents each. I set all of this on my crystal pedestal plate, along with a small cystal glass in the center holding red and pink foiled chocolate hearts. It was a fun and very inexpensive way to dress up the brunch table for these very special people in my life.

This sensational box of chocolates was what came home with my middle daughter yesterday. Each student created a box out of chocolate, made all of the individual chocolates inside, and made each of the chocolate flowers on top of the box. The flowers were formed by dipping antique door knobs into melted chocolate and then letting it harden. So fascinating to me!!, I was so impressed with the faculty for coming up with such an elegant chocolate presentation, including the chocolate rose printed ribbon. I have never seen that done before.

She wasn't real pleased with the job she did. But, it was her first time and I informed her that I was so thrilled for her to be learning an art like this. The employees at the company where my husband works will have a fun Valentine Day surprise today, when he brings this into their lunch room. That is the joy of February be able to share, surprise, and bless those who are important in our lives.

Which leads me to this...I wish I could have all of you reach through the computer and help yourselves to these handmade chocolates. You all continue to bless my life in so many fascinating and inspiring ways.


Shelley said...

All these treats look too beautiful to eat! (But I would still like a bite!!)

Judy said...

You are just full of wonderful ideas today...all great ways of showing love to our friends and family! I think I will find out how to make those white chocolate hearts...for the cake I am in the process of decorating. May you have a most wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! Some beautiful, beautiful ideas! Wow the cake with the white chocolate hearts, the heart shaped brownies, the fruit cups and those little favors...everything! Just wonderful. That box of chocolates was incredible! She too is so very talented. Hope you have a sweet and special Valentine's weekend.


amy said...

How wonderful! Love the centerpiece!

Anonymous said...

Every thing looks wonderful! Happy Saint Valentines Day!

On This Rock said...

Fabulous treats and some good ideas too. It is amazing when women get together, the creativity and beautiful ideas that they can come up with. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful social time. Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day...and the best February ever!


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