Monday, February 16, 2009

Celebrating Good Coffee and Great Friends

It is very early in the morning as I enter the kitchen, flip on the light, and immediately push the "on" switch of the coffee maker. As the smell of the coffee fills my kitchen, I slowly start the wake-up process. For me coffee is far more than a simple beverage. The very aroma of fresh-ground coffee beans carries with it a whole bundle of feel-good sensations: warmth, comfort, friendship, relaxation, hospitality, intimacy.

Here is the coffee display that graces the wall of the entry way into my kitchen. Gifts from dear friends who just happen to know me well, possibly because they too are fellow coffee drinkers. "Come over for a cup of coffee, " we say to our friends. What we really mean is, "Let's spend some time together talking." An invitation for coffee is synonymous with an offer of friendship; it means we want to take time to get to know each other better. In our culture, drinking coffee together has somehow become one of friendship's building blocks, a small and casual ceremony that brings us closer to each other. " ---paragraph from "Coffee Talk", author unknown

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." --Seneca "When friends meet, hearts warm." ---Proverb Thank you dear God for all of the special coffee breaks that I have with friends...whether for 15 minutes or the rare ones that last for hours is one of my most treasured pasttimes.


Stacey said...

I so agree with you. Coffee represents many things to those of us who have the addiction. I have a girlfriend who just wishes she loved coffee because she recognizes what she's missing. :)

Shelley said...

The smell of coffee makes me smile! P.S. I have that same green star lantern light that you do! It's hanging in my cabin!

Tracy said...

Oh, I wish I loved the taste of coffee. Like you, the first thing I do each morning is flip on the coffee for my hubby. It's strange, because I do love the aroma that fills our house when it's brewing and what it represents. I'm grateful for things like hot tea or caramel apple spice that provide a good substitute for me when spending time with my coffee loving friends. = )

Love that sweet little spot in your kitchen!

Judy said...

I'll sign my name to your post as true. I love coffee...the aroma...the taste...and all the good conversations over the cup. My first morning duty is always...make the coffee!

Great coffee feature!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! I love my coffee in the morning too. Like you the first thing I do is turn my pot on. I love to hear the coffee perking and smell the wonderful smell. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting down to a nice cup of coffee with friends. When I turn on my pot tomorrow I will think of you :>)

Betty said...

Oh I do agree as well with you..I love coffee and there is something extra special about that first cup in the morning!
And spending time with friends 'over a cup 'makes it all the better..

Jeane` said...

That is one of my favorite spots in your house!! Great pictures and perfect quotes!
Love you,

Connie said...

I also love to meet a friend for coffee. I remember my mom and the other stay at home moms in our neighborhood get together for coffee while all the children played. It does bring people together! Connie

SeaWorthy said...

My hubby makes the best coffee, its the perfect 10 minutes for us in the morning. Kids are still asleep and we can watch the sun come up together before he dashes off to the post office for the day. We love it!

Speaking of the post office.. shoot me an email with your address, you are the winner of the big, not so big..250 post dear!

LisaShaw said...

You KNOW I'm all about coffee! I love the photos! I haven't enjoyed a good cup in days being sick and am looking forward to it.


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