Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warm Rolls 'From The Oven

Last Friday evening at our dinner in the garage, I made these rolls. My daughter asked me to give the recipe on my blog. It is truly a simple recipe. The day of the dinner, in the morning, I coated a this bundt pan with "Pam". I took one small package of 12" Rhodes" white dinner rolls and put them in the bottom of the pan. Next, I took a pack of "Hidden Valley "seasoning and salad dressing mix, and sprinkled 1/4 of the pack,over the frozen rolls. Then I sprinkled 2 TB. of parmesan cheese over the rolls. I melted 7 TB. of butter and drizzled that over the rolls. I sprayed a sheet of plastic wrap with "Pam" and layed it lightly over the top of the pan. At this point, I sat the pan on my kitchen counter for the next 7 hours. It will rise to the top of the pan. Carefully remove plastic wrap, and set on the middle shelf of a 350 degree preheated oven. Bake for 20 minutes or until rolls are lightly browned on top, and slightly firm to the touch. Remove from oven, lay a platter on top of pan and turn upside down, to invert the rolls.

Warm rolls right out of the oven, it does not get any better this. Not to mention, your kitchen will have a wonderful aroma. I made three pans of these rolls for my garage party, and they were devoured. Easy and inexpensive...but oh, so delicious! And you do not have to serve butter or jam with them.

I found a nice white dinner plate on clearance at T.J.Maxx for $ 2.00. I put the rolls on the plate, covered with plastic wrap, tied with some Martha Stewart Christmas ribbon from K-Mart, added a sprig of holly from my garden, and created a tasty gift. If you wrapped a low cut box with some holiday paper, you could add this bread and a container of homemade soup, and it would be a perfect gift.

This is what came home from pastry chef school today. Her first opportunity to work with fondant. I did not enjoy the taste, but I thought they were so attractive. I liked her artwork.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Seriously...where do you come up with these amazing recipes?????

My FAMILY will LOVE this one!!

I hope and pray your week is going well??

Be Blessed.

Sheryl said...

ok i am making that recipe for sure. looks wonderful. thanks for sharing it with all of us!

LisaShaw said...

This looks SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing!


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