Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Week's Finds and Feast

I found this set of four breakfast coffee plates, at the "Pottery Barn Outlet" the other day. They sold for 5.99. Being the coffee lover that I am, I was immediately drawn to them. I may keep them and display them in the coffee display area of my kitchen, or I may create some small special gifts with them.

I put the "pecan ball" cookies that my Amish friend baked, added two packs of coffee(although I do not prefer instant coffee), and one of my favorite rubber stamp sayings. I think this would be a perfect gift for a fellow worker, or the lady at the post office, or whoever could use some Christmas cheer.
I found these adorable, perfectly adorned gingerbread people at the checkout of an outstandingly beautiful bakery and tea room downtown. There was a basket of them sitting there just waiting to be purchased. These two were so happy to come home with me. I loved the details on them. The young girl who waited on me, had just graduated from the same pastry chef school that my daughter attends. We had a good time talking about her year of school. Makes me wonder where my daughter will be working in a few months. Speaking of...

...this is what she brought home this week. I have informed all of you that I do not have a sweet tooth. That is not necessarily true...there are certain desserts that do tempt me, and these "out-of-the-world "Cre'me Brulees, were one of them. She said they used torches to get the crunchy effect on top. Wow...they were so delicious!! I must tell you, there are still some in my refrigerator as I post this. Wish you could stop by.


Connie said...

I love the coffee saying and those plates are too cute! Wish I could stop by and share a creme brulee with you. THey are one of my favorites! Connie

LisaShaw said...

I love this!

I'm a coffee person too!!

Debra Howard said...

Yummy, You have a blog good enough to eat.

Landis said...

I need to go shopping with you some day! You always search out the cutest finds! Thank you for your words of encouragement about the House. We've only been there a week and a half and already it can be a bit overwhelming. I feel as if I can only go so long looking at the "unique" paint jobs all over our walls. I'm going to have nightmares of pink tulips! :/ :) Can you tell the Lord is teaching me patience? But anyway, we are very excited and blessed to have it. And Oooh i'm so excited for Ashley & Matt!!! I can't wait to see pictures! I hope there transition is going smoothly!

Love, Janelle

P.S. - I miss Ash. :(


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