Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Discovery Of The Singing Snowmen

A few years ago, my daughter gave these singing snowmen to us, as a fun gift. Yesterday, we took them out of the cupboard where they are stored most of the year. We had no idea how much joy and intrique they would give to her young children. Her son quickly mastered pushing the round disk on the one's arm, which brings them to life. They sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas", as many times as they wished.

Over and over again, he would push the disk, and each time they would be captivated. No, my three month old granddaughter cannot stand on her own. Her mother's hand is holding her up. And yes, the floor of my family room does look like this, when they come to play. No, I do not care at fact, I love it!

A rare, very rare break for my daughter and her son. A mother of three, under three, rarely gets relaxing breaks. How drastically her world has changed and how beautifully she has adapted, even through 25 times of hearing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" being sun by two singing snowmen.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh how precious!!!!

Your grandbabies are ADORABLE!!!

You truly are an example...of what a Godly Grammie is....thanks for making me smile today!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Children love to play with anything musical. Enjoy them while you can because they grow up before you know it. What a wonderful memory you have given them.

Lulu and Tutz said...

What?!? Ok...I see it now!!! I had no idea Jeane was your daughter!!! Funny what a small world it is!!! Pop on over to our blog, I think you'll recognize a certain smiling face! hee hee...


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