Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Dinner By Candlelight

Last evening, the same group of friends that met and had dinner at the Victorian Inn, met and had dinner a year later, at my youngest sister and brother-in-law's home. The round table that comfortably seats 12, was designed and built by my brother-in-law. Seating at a round table, is certainly condusive to dinner conversation. Warm hospitality, soft candlelight, and soothing Christmas music set the tone for the evening. I have been to many casual, sit-to-the-kitchen table dinners in this home, but last evening's dinner, was extra special. I thought I would share a few of the pictures that I took of her Christmas decorations. It is a Florida style home, and the holiday touches depict that decor.

The words "Merry Christmas" were beautifully placed on the wall, and will be easily removed with a hair dryer, after Christmas. What a nice touch that framed the mantel perfectly.

What a cozy arrangement to have on the window sill at one's kitchen sink. Washing dishes takes on a whole new perpective.

My sister the hostess, and her daughter. Having a right hand person is a must, when serving a dinner for 12 people. What a great help she was!

Actually, the three of their children were on hand during the evening, helping in many different capacities. Thanks to each of you for your help.

A table, also built by my brother-in-law, graced the foyer hallway with a exquisite candlelight display. Every candle on the table was a gift from friends over the years. Yes, it was a truly memorable evening, with the warm hospitality of this couple blessing all of us. It reminds me of something I read recently, from a book entitled "Gifts from the Hearth", by Elizabeth R. Skoglund. In it she shares that hospitality is a gift. " It is a gift that says to the person to whom it is given, "I care about you." Hospitality can take on so many different forms, and is so essential to living. She goes on to say, " Hospitality can be a hamburger given to a bag lady on a bus bench; an elaborated wedding dinner; a gift of firewood late at night from an innkeeper to someone just checking into a motel; a cool, wet towel given to someone at the scene of a car accident; a midnight snack shared with someone who needs to talk; all of these are acts of hospitality. They are gifts of love, freely given by one person to another. They are gifts from the heart. Each of these echoes the sentiment of the small child who said, "That means she loves us." Hospitality is the gift of oneself that says, "You are important; you are loved."

What a needed gift in today's world, and even more so during this special season of Christmas. Thank you to this family, for opening up your hearts and home, to all of us.


Sheryl said...

Loved the description of what hospitality is. So often we get hung up on "entertaining". You are right about the round table, wish everyone had one in their homes!!

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words. They meant a lot to me.

Merry Christmas.

Shelley said...

That dinner table looks so lovely - what a wonderful place to dine! And I enjoyed the sentiment of hospitality! Excellent post!
Merry Christmas to you!

amy said...

When I met your sister she mentioned this table-it is just wonderful!!
Everything looks so lovely...

LisaShaw said...

Everything looks so cozy and beautiful. Your family is beautiful Judy! All those smiles!

There is something wonderful about eating together at a round table. It does allow for good conversation, eye contact and the ability to hear each other better not to mention it's just plain cozy.

Wish I was part of the family. The decorum is gorgeous!


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