Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas In An Old Victorian Inn

Last Christmas, on a blustery, cold, snowy night, a group of friends met for dinner at this old Victorian Inn. Every time I look back over the pictures, I remember the beauty, elegance, aromas, and good food of that very special evening. After dinner we were given a few of the many historical facts of the Inn's history.

Downstairs and upstairs...every area of the Inn was decorated for Christmas.

Every fireplace was beautifully decorated, and provided needed warmth for the bitter, cold night.

The softly lit dining room table took my breath away. The red and white, the many candles and the tiny white lights created ambience that made one want to never leave.

Thank you for allowing me to share one of my treasured Christmas memories with you.


SeaWorthy said...

You know,
Your blog is so sweet and awesome. I love coming over here and reading a few weeks at a time, or a few posts at a time, especially today, you really made me feel all warm and cozy.
Im going to try those last few recipes, and when you get tired of all those beautiful desserts, Ive got a little family that would love to come and be taste testers..

happy holidays!
--a fan
coastal nest

Tracy said...

What a wonderful treasured memory and what a gorgeous place to celebrate Christmas with friends. Don't you love the way photos allow you to relive moments like that all over again? Thank you for sharing and warming our hearts, as well! = )


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