Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sharing Moments From My Neice's Wedding

I was there when she was born, I babysat for her many times, I watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady. On Saturday evening I was privileged to attend her wedding. The handsome groom has also become our good friend, and we were all thrilled to be part of such a special occasion.

My daughter and her dear friend and cousin, the bride. Almost the same age, they were inseparable growing up.
She reminded us of a "Precious Moments" doll when she was little, now she just looks like a princess.
Her sister, her husband and their brand new twin daughters. The twins were in the wedding, arriving to the front of the church in an elegantly decorated stroller for twins. They performed perfectly, amazing everyone.
The black and white bags of potato chips were the right touch for this wedding, and made for good snacking throughout the evening.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

The romantically lit head table.

Cutting the exquisitely done wedding cake.

Our oldest daughter and her husband.

Our middle daughter and her husband and our nephew who wanted to be part of the picture.

For me, the wedding was the best occasion, because it was a time that I could spend with all of my family. Being with my three daughters is top on my list of favorite things to do. It is a rare happening for me, so I treasure the moments when it happens. Thank you for the privilege of sharing this memorable event with all of you. To the bride and groom...best wishes!!


Tracy said...

What a beautiful, beautiful wedding! What a wonderful thing to celebrate amidst the Christmas holiday. Thank you for sharing those photos. The picture of you with your daughters is wonderful!


LisaShaw said...

O Judy!!! These photos are absolutely beautiful. I was praying for the wedding on the weekend. I sent you an email to see how things went.

I pray the FAVOR OF GOD over your niece and new nephew in-law and their future together. She is beautiful.

Judy you and your daughters all look like sisters! You are stunning and so are your daughters. I can see and feel the love pouring from the photos. It brought tears to my eyes. I so love you and your blog. I wish there was another name for it because it's really not a blog it's home...I feel like family.

Take care my friend and Happy New Year.

Shelley said...

The wedding looked so elegant and beautiful! Loved your niece's dress - gosh she's gorgeous! As is the rest of your family - you and your daughters especially!

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Judy....I was waiting to see more.
It looked like a lovely occassion. Can't wait to see more at Bible Study. Thanks for sharing them. I hope you had a wondeful time with all your girls!! You all looked stunning...& Lauren looks like a princess!! Happy New Years!!


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