Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silver Boxes

A few years ago someone dear to me gave me this book. Along with it, she had a small box wrapped in silver, with a sheer white ribbon bow. The contents of this book come back to me, everytime I see my little silver wrapped box. At this time of the year, when schedules are tight, financial decisions regarding Christmas are many, when it seems like demands are being placed on us everywhere we turn, my prayer is...Lord, please remind me of the silver box, and that the words I give to others during this season, are more important than any material gifts can be. As for the book, I do recommend it for your list of books to read, if encouragement is something you need.


Tracy said...

What a lovely idea! I've heard a taped broadcast of Florence Litauer on Focus on the Family sharing about Silver Boxes. It's always quite impacting. I wasn't aware it was a book and that poem! What a beautiful idea/reminder for Christmas or anytime.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard this before and I love it, thanks for taking your time to post it! I will always remember the power of encouragement!


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