Friday, December 19, 2008

My Version Of " Christmas Cookies"

It is interesting to me as I talk to friends, what comes to their minds when they think of "Christmas cookies". The magazines, picture family in the kitchen, with rolling pins and cookie cutters and all colors of decorating sugars. I have been to cookie exchanges in our neighborhood, and the women attending, all have their own stories of baking cookies. The last three years, this has been my version, and I love it!! Three minutes from my home, is one of the most beautiful, scenic farms in our county,(actually in many counties). I took pictures for you, as I visited it the other day. See if you agree with me. The only disappointing aspect of my visit, is that I could not take pictures inside of the home. The Amish friends who live there, do not appreciate pictures taken of themselves or inside their home. The father told me, I can take pictures of the outside of their home. Each Christmas, for five weeks before the actual day, this family opens their hearts and home, to sell their homemade goodies.

This is their driveway going back to the farm.

The river runs along the driveway, which makes it difficult to keep focused, while gazing at the river. I cannot think of words to describe the beauty of it all, especially on a clear, sunny day.

This is the sign that is taped on the door of the little side room of the house. Upon entering, one is totally overwhelmed with the perfectly packaged, huge variety of homemade cookies, that are covering tables and shelves. The room is spotless, there are votive candles burning, plus the aroma of cookies and bread baking, fill the air. The older children of the family, are on hand to help you in any way possible. They are so warm and hospitable. The family has 9 children, and they all are responsible for different chores around the farm. It is an experience I find myself eagerly looking forward to, each Christmas.

Here are some of the purchases I made. Sand tarts, cream cheese cookies, cherry drop cookies, homemade canned vegtable soup, and peach danish pudding dessert. I also bought some loaves of their homemade bread. I can't express to you, how delicious everything is. I give cookies for gifts, I create baskets of the homemade soup, the bread and jars of jelly.

No, I don't have the fun and fellowship of baking cookies with friends and family like many of you do. I know that would be so much fun. But, thank you for the privilege of sharing with you, what comes to my mind, when the topic of Christmas cookies is brought into a conversation.


LisaShaw said...

Judy, this is a beautiful post. The Amish are beautiful people with humble, warm hearts so I'm not surprised by the hospitality and the good, clean living.

I wish I could have gone with you but you took me as if I were there through your blog.

Love ya.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I, like you LOVE to visit Amish families..and their wonderful little shops. They truly make amazing food.

Thanks so much for bringing us along on this adventure!!


amy said...

I met your sister recently when I was filling in down at Lulu and Tutz one day. She mentioned your blog and how creative you are. Your blog is just fabulous and you are very creative indeed. I'll be back.



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