Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Bakery Visit In Texas

Another bakery that we visited last weekend in Texas, was "Nothing bundt Cakes". It was here that we(her husband and I) purchased our version of her birthday cake. The store was very pretty and had lots of fun extras for sale to go with the bundt cakes. There were three different sizes of bundt cakes that we could choose from...large, medium and small individual ones. In the store was a big clear container with taste testing made available. This helped us choose the flavors that we liked. We chose to buy 5 individual cakes. with different flavors, and with a small sik flower in the center of each one. We arranged them on a plate, added candles and it was a perfect way to serve dessert.

My favorite was the red velvet, although the spice cake was good too. We all had our favorites, but what a fun way to serve the cake and candles.

The small silk flowers certainly added color and beauty to the plate of cakes. They had a big flower in the middle of the big bundt pans.

Of course, this visit made me want to go home and make one of our families favorite cakes, except this time I would use a bundt pan. So I baked this, a yellow cake mix, following all of the boxed directions, except I add 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanlla.

I usually use a straw to punch all of the holes in, all over the top of the cake. This skewer stick worked, but not as good as the straw did. After baked, cooled for 10 minutes, inverted onto serving plate, I jab holes over the top of this cake. At this point, I take one small box of any flavored jello( I used strawberry) and follow the box directions for jello(except letting it gel). I use a measuring cup and pour this liquid jello, very slowly, over the top and partial sides of the cake, cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator for a few hours.

For the icing that I drizzled over the cake; I took one small container of instant vanilla pudding and added it to a small container(or 3 cups) of lt cool whip, along with 2 teaspoons of dry jello mix(the same flavor as added to the cake). Stir together until everything is blended. I liked the light pink shade of this topping which happened because I used strawberry jello.

I put icing into a zip-locked plastic bag, squeezed it all into one corner, and snipped off just the tip of the corner, in order to squeeze the icing out in drizzle fashion.

The most time consuming part of this cake is the baking time. Everything else is quick and easy.

After adding some pink decorating sugar, and a washed and dried silk rose, this is my finished version of a bundt cake., and it did not cost as much. I will keep this cake in refrigeration until Sunday afternoon when I will share it at a small get together with friends, for the "Super Bowl". Oh, I know it looks more like "Valentine's Day" than the Super Bowl, but that is okay with our group of friends.

I cut this incredibly moist cake ahead of time, so that you could see the color inside. It did not show up quite as good as using a straw. Next time, I will stay with using the straw instead of the stick. Either way, I look forward to Sunday afternoon. The choses are endless for the combinatins in creating this cake. I use this cake recipe, doubled and baked in a large heart pan for wedding showers, and I am always asked for the simple recipe. And, if you are ever in a city with a "Nothing Bundt Cakes" bakery, stop in. It is a real treat!


Stacey said...

Where is Nothing Bundt Cakes?

Your homemade cake looks amazing. It turned out so pretty and I'm sure it's moist and delicious.

Marilou said...

WOW! I sure wish you were coming to MY house for Super Bowl....oh wait!! YOU ARE!! YAY for me!! Will you be bringing anything for the others that are coming? I have some tastycakes I could give them! Next Sunday I am having you over for the Chinese CHeckers playoff tournament...could you bring dessert then too?? :)
Your darling, adorable sister, Lou!!

Jen @ said...

We have had one of those Bunt cake stores open around here but haven't tried it out yet. I think your cake turned out way prettier than the store-bought ones.



Nancy at said...

Once again I find your blog inspiring. What a sweet way to present cakes!

Judy said...

Great ideas! Now you have me all excited about baking some bundt cakes...and serving them all prettied up. Thanks for sharing.

SeaWorthy said...

A D O R A B L E!!!!!

your so darn creative!!!


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