Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Nightstand Display

With most of my Christmas decorations put away, I always enjoy looking around my house for things to use to create displays. Since photography is one of my favorite pasttimes, I have collected many miscellaneous photographs over the years, those that did not make it into my photo albums for one reason or another. I also have an array of miscellaneous plates since visiting flea markets and antique malls is another way I enjoy spending free time. I created this display from items I had on hand.

I took this light pink plate and glued it onto an old cream colored plate with "Goop" glue. To cut the photograph into a circle, I found a plastic lid the same size as the circle in the center of the plate. I laid the plastic lid on the back of the photo and copied it with a pencil and cut it out. I glued it on the center of the plate with a permanent stick. I love this picture!! My oldest daughter was 8 years old when her sister was born. She had prayed for a baby sister for 5 years...every night. I remember telling her it would be good to pray for a brother or a sister, but she insisted on praying for a sister. Now, years later, though separated by many miles, they continue to be best friends.

I remember clearly when my middle daughter received her "American Girl Doll" from her Grandma, for Christmas. My mother tried to pick out a doll that resembled each of her granddaughters. I think she did a great job with this match! I remember the hours of time the little girls spent, playing with their treasured dollls. I cut out this photograph the same way as the one above. For the wording, I cut out the words that I wanted to use from my sheets of "Rub-Ons". I have collected several sheets of rub-on words over the last two years. You can find these sheets at most craft and scrapbook stores. It amazes me how easy they are to use and how nice they look on most any surface. The main requirement is that you keep the paper perfectly still while you rub the surface with a popsicle stick(which is included with the sheets). I'd like to find a smaller white stand for this photo. I think the black one is a bit overpowering for this plate.

My youngest daughter was born three years after my middle daughter. She has resembled her dad, and they always had fun clowning around together. His nick name for her, then and now, is "Beanie". I had a smaller white plate which I used for this picture. The plate holders were purchased in different stores through the years, although most craft and dollar stores sell them. It only took an hour of time to complete this display, and now I am off to finish the laundry.


Shelley said...

Judy - the frames are beautiful and the photos are precious! What great memories for you! (When I was 10 years old and my mom was pregnant - I too prayed for a sister and got my wish!)

Jeane` said...

love that picture of dad & bean! (and Ash and I, of course...except I'm not sure exactly what look you were going for when you took me to the salon that particular year. Perhaps you were subconsiously wishing for the son you never had???)

THANK YOU for watching the kiddos today!!!! Christopher told Curt several times tonight that he went to "MawPaws". :) And we found a bottle that Mackenzie took to like a duck to water! (It's like the ones you used with A & K). I am so thankful.

Ok...gotta go to bed. Love you!

LisaShaw said...

Judy, you are so creative. I love not only the frames but the photos too (smile). I look forward to seeing your Valentine decorations.


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