Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflecting Back on One of My Most Treasured Christmas Memories...

His Aunt and Uncle gave him his very first real cowboy boots for a Christmas gift. He was not impressed. After all, they were not near as much fun as toy gifts...that is UNTIL his PawPaw came out with his cowboy boots on. Then everything changed...he could not get them on fast enough. When his were on, he pulled paw paw towards the door indicating it was time for a walk. Thank goodness for my camera because this truly was one of those priceless moments in time...the two of them walking together.

Little boots, a new "Harley" tee shirt from pawpaw, and a sunny Christmas Day...what could be better?

The precious influence of a pawpaw!!!

Walk was on the hearth...on to the next activity of the day. A memory that will always come to my mind when I remember back to Christmas 2008. As for today...Happy New Year to all of you, my dear blogging friends.

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Shelley said...

That is so sweet!!! What a great memory - both of them walking together in their boots!!


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