Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Grandma's Dilema

They told me it would happen, I've relaxed all the rules. I've always said, "no to snacks before meals.." now, I find myself thinking, "it's really no big deal". It positively can't hurt him, He's as cute as he can be...maybe just 2 cookies, after all, he stopped before # 3. My daughters are appalled at the changes taking place... the old rules are totally gone, and new ones have taken shape... "He didn't mean to do it"..."He really just needs sleep"..."His cold has affected his appetite"..."He didn't mean to start a fight". Yes, they said that this would happen, and their predictions did come true...this grandma has a predicament and does not know what to do...


Jeane` said...

The first step to recovery (of old, established rules) is to admit you have a problem. I congratulate you for doing that, and so publicly.

This will probably not help, but Curt forgot to mention you and Dad in Buddy's bedtime prayers, and after the "Amen", he said "mawmaw and pawpaw?" and Curt said..."Of course! Thank you for reminding me!".

However cute and endearing that story may be, he STILL does need some molding, and I'll be the mean old hag that has to keep him in line! :) Now you can be the nice one!! That's what Grandma's do, I suppose.

Hope to see you tomorrow perhaps...

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

i LOVE this story!!! Too cute.

You my friend..were #1...on my pay it forward challenge. Yeah U.

Email me your snail mail addy.... :-)

vickie said...

Morning Judy, Love your blog on the cookie giver..I am still looking for scripture that says YOU MAY HAVE ALL THE COOKIE YOU WANT WHEN AT MEMAWS.HA Haven;t found any, why is that????ha Have wonderful day. vickie


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