Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Her Visit To "Magnolia Bakery"

During the last few years, I have collected three cookbooks from the "Magnolia Bakery" in New York City. When I first discovered the books, I was truly fascinated to read the story of how this bakery came to be. I enjoy reading stories about people who dreamed of starting their own businesses, and how they actually came to be. The owner, writes about how a cupcake changed her life. Yesterday, my youngest daughter, and her class visited New York City, and they had the opportunity to visit the "Magnolia Bakery". Her only purchased sovenier of the day, was three cupcakes from the bakery. I felt honored to be the recipient. The cupcakes look even better in real life, then on the cover of the book.

Each cupcake was perfectly created, and later in the day we will all have a taste. Every recipe that I have tried in the three cookbooks, has become one of my marked favorites.

She took this picture of the inside of the bakery. I was delighted with her enthusiasm with her visit. She kept telling me that she knows I would love it!

Thankfully, she captured this picture from the street. This bakery opened in 1996. The cookbooks are beautifully illustrated and the recipes are easy to follow. Another example of someone who dared to dream, and her dream came true. Probably another reason this story fascinated me, is because I often thought about opening a coffee shoppe/bakery myself...only for me it continues to be a fleeting thought. I'll just look forward to visiting the many wonderful bakeries and coffee shops that I come upon.


Anonymous said...

The bakery looks like it would be a nice place to visit. It's so nice that your daughter thought of you. The cupcakes look delicious. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class or work in a bakery but for me it would never work. I would look like a cupcake :>)

LisaShaw said...

How nice!

I am not a huge baking person but I've always loved the scent of a bakery.

Great memories you'll have from these photos.

amy said...

I worked in several coffee shops growing up, beginning in my aunts donut shop when I was about 12. Opening my own has always been one of my many dreams. Maybe someday...

I was born and raised in NY and I love a NY bakery!

That was sweet of your daughter. Not an easy task to carry around 3 cupcakes all day in NYC, on a class trip no less.


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