Monday, January 26, 2009

Icing On The Cake

We arrived home late last night, from a brief, action packed few days, visiting our middle daughter and her husband in Texas. My husband and I and our youngest daughter thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Our daughter, her husband and their good friends took us to a very popular, trendy bakery near their hometown. They told us that most of the time, people are lined up, out the door to visit this place. It was unique and the cupcakes were so delicious and fresh tasting. I am sharing some pictures of our visit.
Trays and trays of beautiful looking cupcakes. They even had cupcakes for your dog.

When you are in school, studying to be a pastry chef, this visit proved to be so exciting!!

Canisters for sale, of every flavor of cupcake that they make. Included in the canisters was the mix, ingredients for the icing, and the sprinkles for on top, for a dozen cupcakes. They sold for $14.00 each. Oh, the creative minds that come up with these ideas.Our daughter and one of her dearest Texas friends. They live 10 minutes apart from each other.

Decisions, decisions.....

Here we all are, standing in line waiting for our turn to choose cupcakes.

We only bought four of them, and divided them. "Banana" was my favorite.


Lauren said...

ooooo aunt judy how fun! I can;t wait to hear all about it and see pics of their new house. I am so glad you had fun and I'm sure matt and ash loved every minute of it. Hope to see/talk to you soon. Have a fantastic Monday!
Love you!

LisaShaw said...

What a wonderful family day out! I would have loved to partake in conversation with all of you and a cupcake. Well, maybe 1/2 of one (smile).

Shelley said...

Yummy! What a fun place to visit! Now you have me in the mood for cupcakes! I'm going to have to make some today!

Tracy said...

Looks like such a great time! What a treat to visit this awesome bakery. Thanks for sharing those photos! Next best thing to being there, plus no calories! ; )

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time. I love cupcakes and those look so delicious! Happy day!

cherry said...

What scrumptious...cupcakes. They are like works of art. cherry

Jul Hoober said...

Hello friend,
I am so happy you all got to visit Ashley & Matt for her birthday in TX. My heart was in Florida the same weekend, but I will have to wait to visit till another time. What a wonderful time for you & John and Kim...see the new house, feel their world and just spend time with them.
I'm green with envy. Laura celebrated without us this year.

Also, give John bday greetings from us.


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