Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When some of our young grandchildren visit here overnight,
they choose Rice Krispies as their breakfast choice.
Did you know families have been relying on Rice
Krispies for over 80 years?
Thanks Kellogg's Co. for bringing happiness to so many
children and adults over the years.
I found this plate at a flea market some years ago.

Some choose the old time favorite, Kix as their cereal choice.  Our youngest grand-
child is so happy to have this cereal for his breakfast.  Thanks General Mills for this
kid favorite for many years.

As their grandma, this is my latest cereal of choice.  It is a quick, simple, nutritrious
breakfast.  I find it interesting that I like the taste of this cereal, especially since I have
never enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast, except baked oatmeal.  But, this is different, and
it is delicious.


I empty the packet of cereal into the bowl, fill the brown paper package with water, heat it
in the microwave, and then pour it into the oatmeal.

I add some chopped walnuts, some blueberries, and a bit of skim milk.  In no time at all, I have
a delicious breakfast in front of me and ready to eat.

I appreciate all the many brands and flavors of cereal available to us.  In fact, at times I
find cereal choices overwhelming.  Do you?  What are your grandchildren's favorite cereal

Have you tried the new Better Oats oatmeal?



Lea said...

Well, we are not cereal people around here and neither are our Grans. How funny! But, I do have the fondest of memories of Rice Krispies. Blessings!

Jeane` said...

You know I used to eat you out of house and home when I was under your roof, eating cereal every.single.night for a bedtime snack. That has since stopped, as I just am usually too tired for the whole exhausting process and often (erroneously) opt for a simple cookie. ;)

As for my offspring, all I know is that two of them only ever want "mawmaw's cereal", which I don't believe I saw featured on this post. But the Oatmeal does look good!

Cute post. Love you!

M/C said...

We are definitely cereal people in our house. When our grandchildren stay with us they know exactly where we keep the boxes. They love Cinnamon Chex. As a grandmother also, I really enjoy reading your blog and can relate to many of your stories!

lindsey said...

We have Rice Krispies over here but not your other cereals that you have posted. We do of course have oats which we make into porridge...I love porridge but usually have bran flakes with fresh blueberries and raspberries.
My granddaughters used to like any cereal but have recently 'gone off' milk and so usually ust have toast and fruit. Gilby loves to eat my bran flakes when he visits and when my grandsons have visited from SA they too like to have "Grandmas breakfast" !
Thanks for sharing, I love to see what people in different countries have for their meals. And also like to peep in shoppers trollies in the supermarket to see what they are buying!

Judy said...

I prefer oatmeal these days as well...though mine doesn't look quite as special as yours. My grands choose cornflakes when they visit, because that's what Grandpa has. Kix is new to me. For tomorrow's breakfast, I plan to try a version of your baked blueberry oatmeal that we enjoyed in the summer. It was so good!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I confess that I like those sugary cereals but i also like good old fashioned oatmeal and make it often. Our favorite cold cereal is raisin bran crunch and Aldi has a delicious version at a great price.


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