Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Last evening was one of those evenings when it felt good to
curl up in front of the fire.
I went grocery shopping in the late afternoon yesterday, and found
 loading the groceries into the car, colder than I expected.  Actually,
I heard on the news, that we had a wind chill of minus 30
degrees.  I must say, I can't remember loading my groceries
in the car, in those kind of conditions before.   For those
of you who know me well, you know that I am always cold.
I called my daughter living in the Midwestern part of the
country and asked her how she does grocery shopping with
such bitter cold temperatures?  She told me that her and
her husband went grocery shopping the evening before, when
the wind chill was actually -46 degrees, and she said, "that
everyone in the store was bundled up so much that you
could only see the eyes of everyone".   She told me that
when you live where she does, you learn to dress in layers.


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year, was this amazingly warm,
soft, and pretty blanket, from the Shabby Chic collection at Target.
My girls gave it to me, and I appreciate it's warmth so much.

I saw this scene last evening when I looked out my window.  My mother had a beautiful glass
water holder for her birds, but the ice broke it.  So, she filled a cake pan to provide water
for the birds.  With the frigid temperatures, the water froze solid.  The Robin seemed
perplexed at the situation he found himself in, and worked for quite a while trying to
crack the ice.

Today will not be as cold, I am told.  I must admit, I was made aware of more things to be
thankful for during the last few days.  I found myself thanking God for a warm home,
for my scarf and gloves, and for the heater in my car.  Sometimes, I take too much for
granted during the everydayness of daily life.  After listening to the evening news, I felt
thankful for the missions and shelters that open their doors so generously and welcome
people in.  I want everyone to have a warm place to find shelter.  Especially when it
was so cold here, that it shattered a 72 year old record.

I am thankful for you, too!  Even though I have only "a little something" to share.


Debbie said...

Good morning! I have read of soo many of my blogging friends who are living through such COLD COLD times...Living where I do it is hard to imagine honestly, but it does sound quite difficult. Thank God for central heat...can you imagine the winters for people when they didn't? Or insulation, or warm, cozy fleece blankets? Or cars at all let alone ones with heaters...they were on horses or wagons...soo cold! Keep warm sweet Judy, and enjoy your day!

lindsey said...

Your fireplace does look very welcoming and that blanket is wonderful I can imagine how pleased you were to receive that! Your robins are a little different from our, the robins we find in our gardens have less red on their breasts.
Our temperatures don't seem to drop as low as yours either, I agree with you about the homeless shelters. We don't usually find homeless people sleeping rough in our town but back in early December we did find a lady sleeping outdoors near our church. My husband opened the doors and gave her a sofa and blankets to sleep indoors together with the use of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Judy said...

Love that cozy-looking blankee! I don't think I'd be wanting to buy groceries in those kind of temperatures. I'd curl up with that blanket and a book...and stay by the fireplace!


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