Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outside my family room window, early last evening, I observed these few scenes.

"Nature has a great simplicity and therefore a great beauty."   ~unknown

My good friend, sent me this picture from her back yard feeder, in North Carolina.  What fun
to see Bluebirds and Cardinals at the same feeder!

Nature offers beauty and comfort.  I see how lovingly God takes care of these little birds,
and it serves as a reminder to me, during this time in life.

I know each of you are waiting for something, or someone in your lives.  Some of you have
been waiting for years, for answered prayers.  Waiting with you today.


Debbie said...

What glorious pictures of those birds! Love the bluebirds and cardinals together. Soo pretty. Still waiting on that baby huh? Know that feeling! HUGS

debi said...

Great photos!! Hard to believe that last one isn't a
Yes, always waiting on something :-)


Kathleen said...

Waiting is my middle name. I'd like to think I do it well, and with patience. In truth, I often wiggle instead. But this I know, God has never, ever let me down. We wait in confidence on the One Who can be trusted.


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