Saturday, January 25, 2014

It was an extremely cold and overcast Saturday in this part of the country.  While driving along some of our favorite country roads to get breakfast, I could not help but capture some of the winter scenery we passed on our way.

Icicles were everywhere!  It has been a long time since I have seen
so many of them, on homes, on bridges, and on the rocks
by the side the tree-lined hills.
The formations of each icicle are all different and take on interesting shapes. 

Even the large, sprawling river we passed by, was partially frozen at places.

Quiet winter scenes were everywhere.  The same scenes we passed this summer, where life
was bustling with people and summer vacationers, was now totally different.  Piles of wood
for the indoor stoves, were stacked against many of the homes.  Smoke could be seen from
the chimneys. 

The welcoming country restaurant offered warmth, tantalizing aromas, and soft country music
wafting through the hidden intercom.  We were happy to slide into one of the comfortable
booths, and be greeted by our smiling, blonde server.  After a few cups of steaming hot coffee,
and a delicious homemade type breakfast, we headed back out to the cold, with a list of
errands that needed to be done.

"Winter is a time of quietness
and reflection, a time of
"nesting" while much of the
earth sleeps and waits for
spring.  Winter is the
contemplative season.
It invites us to sit by the
hearth and dream about
God, to shift our focus from
creation to the Creator."
~Harriet Crosby in a "Well Watered Garden"

It is snowing again, and another coat of white is
covering everything.
I appreciate that you stopped by to share the cold with me.
And, yes we are all still waiting for the birth of our
little grandson.


Lea said...

Oh, my, that looks so cold!! We're having one of the worst winters in many a year here in North La. We're headed to Florida this next week and I can hardly wait to enjoy some warmth. Hope we find some cute looking restaurants to eat at like the one pictured here. Happy weekend!

Stacey said...

Your pictures are so pretty but it looks incredibly cold. I'm afraid I'd be happy at home with my oatmeal rather than going out. Guess you have to though...we do love to go out for breakfast. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I have been wondering about the arrival of your grandson. I will be praying about his delivery :)

Mighty cold, isn't it. And it is continuing through next week. Our community group Bible study Christmas dinner got postponed so many times and rescheduled for this past Wednesday. Because of the snow we will try again this coming week. The predicted high is 19 degrees for Wednesday but it should be precipitation free.

Your wintry photos are beautiful!

Judy said...

I'm coming here after a record-breaking warm day in our I'm finding it a little hard to imagine this kind of cold. It sounds like you are keeping warm and cozy you wait. Blessings to you all!

Debbie said...

WOW! This So. California gal has such a hard time imagining that kind of cold...looks beautiful, but freezing! We have continued in the upper 70's even into the 80's some days...a VERY warm January even for us. And how we could use the rain. Been praying about that. Enjoy your day sweet Judy, and stay warm!

Shelley said...

Hi Judy! I enjoyed these series of photos! Especially that country restaurant - looks like my kind of place. Hope you are well! Hugs & blessings!



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