Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As you can guess by now, we have been spending many hours indoors around here lately.

Once in a while we get cabin fever, and then we pay a fun visit to the local Sweet Frog.
Those visits make us happy, because we each enjoy our yogurt fixes:)
For the one in red, it is strawberry yogurt, with toppings of fresh strawberry pieces, and
gummy bears.  For the one in blue, it is vanilla yogurt, strawberry pieces and gummy
bears.  For me, it is sugar free vanilla yogurt, a bit of raspberry syrup, chopped almonds,
and a bit of coconut.  Now you see why we enjoy it!

And when one finishes ahead of the other, he is totally convinced that his brother will share
his remaining treat with him.  The one in the red is equally convinced that he will not share.

But, the one in blue does not give up hope until the very end.  The one in red does not
give in.

Back indoors again, we try to think of every possible way to pass time.  Here, building the
tallest towers presents it's own challenges, especially after one falls and the other does not.
The temptation is great to make sure the other tower falls too.  Competition can be good
and it can be bad. 

Hot chocolate has become a staple the last few weeks, especially with such bitter cold
temperatures.  The little guys don't care if the hearts are pink either.  They know their
maw maw has to add pizazz to most everything, and they love her despite it:)

Thank you for stopping by.  I'd share some hot chocolate with you too, if I could.

And, yes we continue to wait.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Love seeing your littles!! I shared a hot chocolate recipe on my blog today!

Debbie said...

Love a good yogurt fix...and haven't had one in a while, lol Might have to fix that. Those heart marshmellows are soo cute! Enjoy your day and stay warm!

debi said...

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..praying you get some relief from that weather!!


Judy said...

I came to see if the wait was over yet. Not yet...but you are making the most of your time, I see! Love that the little guys get heart-mallows in their hot chocolate.

lindsey said...

I cannot believe how these little guys have grown so much. Sweet photos of you all

Kathleen said...

I have watched the weather news with a view to your plight in the NE. I know you're accustomed to snow, but this year's certainly seen records broken. I'm glad you've got Plan B (& C, D & E) for entertaining lively little boys.


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