Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I was cleaning and organizing some cupboards.  For some reason, January does that to
me.  I found these two big pieces of floral foam.  I was going to throw them away, but then
for some reason, I thought about cutting each piece of foam in half, and took my heart
cookie cutter and cut out four hearts.  Then I continued on in the cleaning and found a
bag of old faux flowers.  I decided to experiment with the hearts and the flowers,
remembering seeing something in a magazine a few years ago.

With my trusty hot glue gun, I created this small heart.

And then I took some faux hydrangeas, a touch of glitter and made this one. 

Using one rose, some faux ivy, and wired crystals from our
daughter's wedding, and I put together another one.
I actually enjoy this type of thing, when an evening
presents some spare time for me.
Recycling in my own unique way:)

The finished project...four dressed up floral foam hearts.
I am not sure why I choose to share my amateur creations
with you all.  Actually, I am not sure why
I share any of the things I do on this blog.
It always puzzles me, and I spend time
questioning why I blog?  But, the main reason I do, is because
I have met many wonderful, talented people,
including you, and continue to learn
 from each and everyone.

Here in 1977, we were waiting for the delivery of our first daughter.  The wait seemed
so long.  Now, 37 years later, we are again waiting, but this time for the birth of our
9th grandchild.  Waiting...always a difficult thing to do, right?

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't you love our kitchen wallpaper back then?


Stacey said...

Don't question your blogging Judy. You always inspire me to be sweeter and make a prettier home.

irene said...

Greetings from BC. Coming to you thru Judy's front Porch. I so enjoy your simple and unique little decorating ideas. Your pics of your kids and grandkids are great. I had to chuckle at the wallpaper in your last pic from 1977. Looked so familiar. I remember floral wallpaper in almost every room. Keep blogging.

lindsey said...

I love reading your blog Judy...please don't ever stop sharing your great ideas and beautiful photo's. These flowered hearts are just another of your clever creations.
I love the photo of you sitting around the table...37 years today our first daughter was born! ... Our lives have many things in common :)

Debbie said...

First I love your creation...soo sweet and pretty. And second, I KNOW why you blog. Because you know gals like me pop by for a little bit of that sweet peace and inspiration that you offer! And then I just had to mention that old photo. Why is it that you can look at a photo like that and I know from how long it had to be by all the clothes and hair styles etc. But I recognized soo many of the things in the picture. The guys hairstyles, the maternity top (the only kind we had!) and even the mushroom salt shakers...had those myself, haha. Enjoy the rest of your day sweet Judy!

debi said...

I for one am very glad you blog! Now those little hearts are so cute and I never would have thought to create something so creative. Now I have some valentine decorating ideas, thanks!


Happy@Home said...

Please don't ever question why you blog, Judy. You have so much to share with us and I am always inspired by my visits here.
For instance I was thinking how much I can relate to finding it desirable to clean and declutter in January. However, were I to stumble upon some floral foam and silk flowers I would NEVER think to make something so beautiful and creative with them. That is just one of the many reasons we NEED you to supply us with these wonderful ideas. I LOVE each one of these pretty hearts and think they look so sweet lined up on the platter.
I smiled when I saw the wallpaper. How well I remember that era.
How exciting to be waiting for another grandchild. I look forward to you being able to announce his or her arrival.

Anneliese said...

I also enjoy seeing how you can so easily think of how to make something beautiful.. . and I like that you make it look do-able. You don't mind sharing. I think my favorite is the hydrangea heart.
Fun retro photo there!

Christine said...

Blog Sisters, that's what we are. So sisters don't judge, they just love!

I love your Blog!

Privet and Holly said...

Ah, the age-old question....
Why do I blog? I ask myself
the same thing, all the time. I
think we just gave to listen to our
hearts on that one : )

Speaking of hearts, your little
creations are beautiful. Reminds
me of something you would see
in Victoria Magazine!

And, speaking of hearts, thank
you for your sweet heart and your
always heartfelt comments.

xo Suzanne

Judy said...

The kitchen wallpaper looks somewhat familiar...much like a moss green floral we in our kitchen at that same time.

Thanks for sharing your heart-shaped floral arrangements. Love them!

Judy said...

Oh...I meant to add that I am excited for you as you wait for the arrival of a new grandbaby! I am looking forward to the announcement.

Kathleen said...

Well, you just have to know that I'm the President of your Fan Club and would protest vehemently were you to ever go silent!!

" ... for some reason I thought ...". That one line alone says alot about why I enjoy dropping by here. You connect thought dots like no other I know. What a gift!

Love you bunches, sweet friend,

P.S. The vintage photo looks a lot like one of my own. We have 9 grandbabies, too. Fabulous!

corners of my life said...

Everyone of your hearts are beautiful.

1977? - fun photo!


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