Wednesday, January 1, 2014

She stole the show at our family Christmas dinner.  Only several weeks old, like
many tiny ones, she was front and center for all of us.  She slept through most of the evening,
but when she was awake, young and old wanted to observe her.  Even the little guy
seemed absorbed by his new cousin.

The happy new mother, with the baby's grandmother and great-grandmother.

My nephew, the proud new dad of this little sweetheart.  I think they look so much alike.

Speaking of being thrilled to have a new little one in her life, this is our middle daughter
holding her sister (our youngest daughter), back many years ago.

She mothered her sister through the first few years of their lives together.  Here they were
modeling for a local children's store, at a lady's luncheon event.

And, here is our youngest daughter and the doll she loved and mothered as a young girl.  Now,
it will soon be her turn to do the mothering.  We are eagerly looking forward to the birth
of our next grandchild.  Our hearts are rejoicing over the miracle that new birth brings,
as we anticipate his arrival sometime in the next few weeks.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.


Debbie said...

Your right, NOTHING like sweet new babies to grab everyone's attention. It's like that at our house too. Exciting times as birth nears! We are soo blessed! Enjoy your day!

Yolanda said...

Such a beautiful family. You are so blessed. Hope to get to know you better in this year.


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